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Produce and serve food for buffets

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Issue Date: February 2019

This unit applies to all hospitality and catering organisations which prepare and serve buffet food including restaurants, hotels, clubs, event and function venues.

It applies to cooks who usually work under the guidance of more senior chefs.

This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to produce and present foods for buffets. It requires the ability to cook buffet foods and to present, serve and replenish them throughout the service period.

It does not include the overall design, planning and display of buffets which is covered by the unit SITHKOP401 Plan and display buffets.

You may want to include more information here about the target group and the purpose of the assessments (eg formative, summative, recognition)


This unit must be assessed after the following prerequisite unit:


Use hygienic practices for food safety

Employability Skills

This unit contains employability skills.

Evidence Required

List the assessment methods to be used and the context and resources required for assessment. Copy and paste the relevant sections from the evidence guide below and then re-write these in plain English.

The evidence guide provides advice on assessment and must be read in conjunction with the performance criteria, required skills and knowledge, range statement and the Assessment Guidelines for the Training Package.

Overview of assessment

Critical aspects for assessment and evidence required to demonstrate competency in this unit

Evidence of the ability to:

cook a variety of buffet foods according to standard recipes and present, serve and replenish them throughout multiple buffet service periods

produce a quantity of buffet dishes and items that are consistent in quality, size, shape and appearance for each buffet service period

integrate knowledge of:

suitable types of foods and dishes for buffets

food safety procedures for displaying and serving hot and cold buffet foods

appropriate portion sizes for buffet items

produce buffet foods within commercial time constraints.

Context of and specific resources for assessment

Assessment must ensure use of:

an operational commercial kitchen with the fixtures, large and small equipment and workplace documentation defined in the Assessment Guidelines; this can be a:

real industry workplace

simulated industry environment such as a training kitchen servicing customers

industryrealistic ratios of kitchen staff to customers

a buffet display and service area with specific equipment for buffet service including display crockery and chafing dishes

food preparation lists and standard recipes

a variety of commercial ingredients for buffet foods

customers with whom the individual can interact when serving buffet dishes.

Method of assessment

A range of assessment methods should be used to assess practical skills and knowledge. The following examples are appropriate for this unit:

direct observation of the individual producing food for buffets and serving portions of food to customers

evaluation of the taste and visual appeal of buffet food items produced by the individual

projects that allow assessment of the individual’s ability to produce and serve buffet foods for an event, function or meeting within designated deadlines

written or oral questioning to assess knowledge of culinary terms, suitable types of foods and dishes for buffets, presentation techniques and food safety procedures

review of portfolios of evidence and thirdparty workplace reports of onthejob performance by the individual.

Guidance information for assessment

The assessor should design integrated assessment activities to holistically assess this unit with other units relevant to the industry sector, workplace and job role, for example:

BSBWOR202A Organise and complete daily work activities

SITHPAT306 Produce desserts

SITXCCS303 Provide service to customers

SITXFSA201 Participate in safe food handling practices

TLIE1005A Carry out basic workplace calculations.

Submission Requirements

List each assessment task's title, type (eg project, observation/demonstration, essay, assingnment, checklist) and due date here

Assessment task 1: [title]      Due date:

(add new lines for each of the assessment tasks)

Assessment Tasks

Copy and paste from the following data to produce each assessment task. Write these in plain English and spell out how, when and where the task is to be carried out, under what conditions, and what resources are needed. Include guidelines about how well the candidate has to perform a task for it to be judged satisfactory.

Required skills

initiative and enterprise skills to minimise wastage

literacy skills to:

read and comprehend food preparation lists, standard recipes, date code and stock rotation labels

write notes on recipe requirements and calculations

numeracy skills to:

calculate required quantities of buffet food for expected customer traffic

weigh and measure ingredients for bulk food preparation

calculate temperatures for the safe display of food items

planning and organising skills to efficiently sequence the stages of food preparation and production

problem-solving skills to:

recognise potential food safety hazards and make adjustments to avoid any issues

recognise shortages of food for customer traffic and replenish buffet items

self-management skills to manage own speed, timing and productivity

technology skills to use buffet serviceware for the display of hot and cold foods.

Required knowledge

culinary terms and trade names for:

ingredients commonly used to produce buffet items

a variety of classical and contemporary buffet items

suitable types of foods and dishes for buffets and their characteristics:

appropriate conditions and temperatures for display and service to maintain optimum quality and food safety

effects of displaying items on their nutritional value

appropriate portions

mise en place requirements for producing and presenting foods for buffets

presentation techniques for food items that make up a buffet

full contents of the organisational food safety procedures for displaying and serving hot and cold buffet foods

organisational standards for:

serving buffet foods

portion sizing

storage of ingredients and buffet food items:

correct environmental conditions to ensure food safety

appropriate methods to optimise shelf life.

The range statement relates to the unit of competency as a whole. It allows for different work environments and situations that may affect performance. Bold italicised wording, if used in the performance criteria, is detailed below. Essential operating conditions that may be present with training and assessment (depending on the work situation, needs of the candidate, accessibility of the item, and local industry and regional contexts) may also be included.

Food production requirements may include:


portion control

quantities to be produced

special customer requests

special dietary requirements

standard recipes.

Buffet may be for:

a venue:








Foods for buffets may include:



classical or contemporary recipes

cold breakfast foods:





foods selected to meet special dietary requirements

glazed foods, galantines and forcemeats

hot breakfast foods:






hot and cold dessert and pastry items





selection of hot and cold dishes


themed foods.

Glaze buffet items may involve:


gelatine preparations.

Showpieces and decorations may include:



carved, moulded or assembled items


decorated cakes and display cakes

edible or nonedible materials

floral arrangements

fruit and vegetable displays

glassware and serviceware

ice, fruit or vegetable, chocolate, salt or margarine carvings

special occasion cakes

special theme items



designed and made by the chef

selected and purchased from external designers.

To serve food may involve:

carving meats

ladling sauces and gravies

slicing cakes

serving dessert accompaniments such as cream and ice cream.

Environmental conditions relates to appropriate:






use of containers


Copy and paste from the following performance criteria to create an observation checklist for each task. When you have finished writing your assessment tool every one of these must have been addressed, preferably several times in a variety of contexts. To ensure this occurs download the assessment matrix for the unit; enter each assessment task as a column header and place check marks against each performance criteria that task addresses.

Observation Checklist

Tasks to be observed according to workplace/college/TAFE policy and procedures, relevant legislation and Codes of Practice Yes No Comments/feedback
Confirm food production requirements from food preparation list and standard recipes. 
Calculate the required quantities of buffet food and ingredients according to expected customer traffic. 
Identify and select ingredients from stores according to recipe, quality, freshness and stock rotation requirements. 
Use appropriate cookery methods and standard recipes to prepare foods for buffets. 
Glaze buffet items to acceptable organisational standards. 
Produce sauces and garnishes suitable for buffet food items. 
Produce or obtain appropriate buffet showpieces and decorations. 
Use organisational buffet display plans to determine the layout of buffet. 
Arrange and present food items attractively without drips or spills to maximise appeal. 
Display hot and cold buffet food in appropriate serviceware at a safe temperature to avoid food hazards. 
Serve food according to organisational standards. 
Follow organisational food safety procedures for displaying and serving hot and cold buffet foods to avoid food contamination. 
Use portion control to minimise wastage and maximise profit. 
Replenish buffet items throughout the service period to meet customer traffic requirements. 
Store buffet items in appropriate environmental conditions before and after the buffet service period. 


Assessment Cover Sheet

SITHCCC304 - Produce and serve food for buffets
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I declare that the assessment tasks submitted for this unit are my own work.

Student signature:

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Assessment Record Sheet

SITHCCC304 - Produce and serve food for buffets

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Assessment task 1: [title] Result: Competent Not yet competent

(add lines for each task)

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