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Demonstrate awareness of interacting with other road users

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Issue Date: March 2019

Work is performed under supervision, generally within a team environment. It involves the application of routine operational principles and procedures to demonstrate awareness of interacting with other road users as part of driving activities across a variety of operational contexts within Australia.

This unit involves the skills and knowledge required to understand and demonstrate awareness of interacting with other road users in accordance with approved standards, safeworking and regulatory requirements. It includes identifying types of road users, the use and reason for road rules, and potential hazards. Licensing or certification requirements are not applicable to this unit.

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Not Applicable

Employability Skills

This unit contains employability skills.

Evidence Required

List the assessment methods to be used and the context and resources required for assessment. Copy and paste the relevant sections from the evidence guide below and then re-write these in plain English.

The evidence guide provides advice on assessment and must be read in conjunction with the performance criteria, required knowledge and skills, the range statement and the assessment guidelines for this Training Package.

Critical aspects for assessment and evidence required to demonstrate competency in this unit

The evidence required to demonstrate competency in this unit must be relevant to and satisfy all of the requirements of the elements and performance criteria of this unit and include demonstration of:

applying the underpinning knowledge and skills

identifying other road users

showing an understanding of rules and regulations as they apply to road users

demonstrating an understanding of the purpose of road rules

Context of and specific resources for assessment

Performance is demonstrated consistently over a period of time and in a suitable range of contexts

Resources for assessment include:

a range of relevant exercises, case studies and/or other simulated practical and knowledge assessment, and/or

access to an appropriate range of relevant operational situations

In both real and simulated environments, access is required to:

relevant and appropriate materials and equipment, and

applicable documentation including, regulations, codes of practice and operation manuals

Method of assessment

As a minimum, assessment of knowledge must be conducted through appropriate assessments using written/practical/oral assessments

Practical assessment must occur:

through activities in an appropriately simulated environment, and/or

in an appropriate range of situations

Simulators are not suitable for final assessment of this unit of competency

Driving a vehicle is not part of the assessment of this unit of competency

Submission Requirements

List each assessment task's title, type (eg project, observation/demonstration, essay, assingnment, checklist) and due date here

Assessment task 1: [title]      Due date:

(add new lines for each of the assessment tasks)

Assessment Tasks

Copy and paste from the following data to produce each assessment task. Write these in plain English and spell out how, when and where the task is to be carried out, under what conditions, and what resources are needed. Include guidelines about how well the candidate has to perform a task for it to be judged satisfactory.


This describes the essential knowledge and skills and their level required for this unit.

Required knowledge:

Knowledge of English

Knowledge of what regulations/rules are

Knowledge of what a strategy is

Difference between positive and negative

Knowledge of what a risk is and how it affects performance

Required skills:

Communicate effectively with others

Read and interpret instructions, procedures and information

Interpret and follow instructions

Complete basic documentation

Use basic interpersonal and communication skills (including listening and questioning, receiving feedback)

Recognise limitations and ask for help

Be able to assimilate instruction

The range statement relates to the unit of competency as a whole. It allows for different work environments and situations that may affect performance.

Other road users may include:


cyclists and skaters


other drivers

farm vehicles

mobility scooters


heavy commercial vehicles

Applicable regulations and legislation may include:

relevant state/territory road law

relevant state/territory OH&S legislation

relevant state/territory environmental protection legislation

Potential risks may include:

physical injury

social repercussions

emotional reaction

financial effect

economic impact

legal repercussions

Copy and paste from the following performance criteria to create an observation checklist for each task. When you have finished writing your assessment tool every one of these must have been addressed, preferably several times in a variety of contexts. To ensure this occurs download the assessment matrix for the unit; enter each assessment task as a column header and place check marks against each performance criteria that task addresses.

Observation Checklist

Tasks to be observed according to workplace/college/TAFE policy and procedures, relevant legislation and Codes of Practice Yes No Comments/feedback
Different road users groups are recognised 
Interaction between road users groups, both positive and negative, is observed 
Strategies are suggested to assist in the positive interaction of road users 
Potential risks for each road user group are recognised 
Potential consequences for each road user group are appreciated 
Potential risk and consequences when road user groups interact are identified 
Road rules and their purpose are described 
The sources of road rules and regulations are identified 
Rules and regulations for all road users are identified 
Rules and regulations governing road use are described 


Assessment Cover Sheet

TLIF0075A - Demonstrate awareness of interacting with other road users
Assessment task 1: [title]

Student name:

Student ID:

I declare that the assessment tasks submitted for this unit are my own work.

Student signature:

Result: Competent Not yet competent

Feedback to student









Assessor name:



Assessment Record Sheet

TLIF0075A - Demonstrate awareness of interacting with other road users

Student name:

Student ID:

Assessment task 1: [title] Result: Competent Not yet competent

(add lines for each task)

Feedback to student:









Overall assessment result: Competent Not yet competent

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