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Elements and Performance Criteria

  1. Determine the improvement to be carried out
  2. Arrange the design and layout of the property improvement
  3. Order materials for property improvement
  4. Prepare site for installation
  5. Supervise implementation of property improvement
  6. Carry out and monitor planned maintenance

Range Statement

Performance Evidence

The candidate must be assessed on their ability to integrate and apply the performance requirements of this unit in a workplace setting. Performance must be demonstrated consistently over time and in a suitable range of contexts.

The candidate must provide evidence that they can:

plan and implement the construction of physical resources

organise and schedule the maintenance of physical resources

analyse and assess the costs and benefits of plans and layouts in the light of all considerations including: work health and safety, financial, environmental and animal welfare

prepare written plans and procedures for implementation by others

prepare drawn plans or sketches

estimate and order the materials required

follow enterprise work health and safety policies

follow enterprise sustainability practices.

Knowledge Evidence

The candidate must demonstrate knowledge of:

function and requirements of infrastructure requirements

sustainable land and water use principles and practices applicable in the region

environmental controls and codes of practice applicable to the business and to the improvement works

whole property plan

legislation, regulations and codes of practice relating to soil and water degradation issues, animal health and welfare, chemical use, building construction and workplace health and safety.