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Elements and Performance Criteria

  1. Carry out preliminary research
  2. Assess the suitability of a site
  3. Select the required system
  4. Design the hydroponic system
  5. Prepare and document the design

Required Skills

Required skills

develop a plan for a hydroponic system

organise information derived from the research process in a written report

draw a scaled design by hand andor on computer

use a range of financial analysis tools to determine viability of the system

use literacy skills to fulfil job roles as required by the organisation the level of skill may range from reading and understanding documentation to completion of written reports

use oral communication skillslanguage competence to fulfil the job role as specified by the organisation including questioning active listening asking for clarification negotiating solutions and responding to a range of views

use numeracy skills to estimate calculate and record complex workplace measures

use interpersonal skills to work with others and relate to people from a range of cultural social and religious backgrounds and with a range of physical and mental abilities

Required knowledge

advantages and disadvantages of the different equipment used in hydroponic systems

technical requirements and operating parameters of recirculated and nonrecirculated systems

media choices their properties and enterprise specifications

legislation and regulations relating to the establishment of a hydroponic system

an awareness of the environmental implications of the disposal of chemicals or chemical containers and the drainage of high nutrient effluent

Evidence Required

The evidence guide provides advice on assessment and must be read in conjunction with the performance criteria required skills and knowledge range statement and the Assessment Guidelines for the Training Package

Overview of assessment

Critical aspects for assessment and evidence required to demonstrate competency in this unit

The evidence required to demonstrate competency in this unit must be relevant to workplace operations and satisfy holistically all of the requirements of the performance criteria and required skills and knowledge and include achievement of the following

research the growing requirements risks and returns of the proposed crop

survey the site for suitability and environmental impacts and gain approvals

select or design a system and customise it for the site and purpose

develop a design plan including costings specifications and onsite procedures and schedules

Context of and specific resources for assessment

Competency requires the application of work practices under work conditions Selection and use of resources for some worksites may differ due to the regional or enterprise circumstances