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Elements and Performance Criteria

  1. Identify workplace requirement and select working dog
  2. Develop and implement training program for working dog
  3. Maintain health and welfare of working dog

Range Statement

Performance Evidence

The candidate must be assessed on their ability to integrate and apply the performance requirements of this unit in a workplace setting. Performance must be demonstrated consistently over time and in a suitable range of contexts.

The candidate must provide evidence that they can:

identify the workplace need for working dogs

select working dog to meet workplace requirements

develop working dog training programs and apply effective training methods

maintain health and welfare of the working dog

follow relevant work health and safety and animal welfare practices

Knowledge Evidence

The candidate must demonstrate knowledge of:

working dog breeds and behaviour

use of working dogs in the workplace

effective working dog training systems and procedures

livestock handling methods and techniques

care, husbandry and management procedures for working dogs

signs of health, anatomy and physiology of working dogs

common illnesses of working dogs and preventative health strategies

relevant State/Territory legislative and regulatory requirements with regard to work health and safety, animal welfare, biosecurity and the registration and care of domestic dogs