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Elements and Performance Criteria

  1. Gather legal information required for business compliance
  2. Identify legal risks
  3. Ensure enterprise compliance with legal requirements
  4. Report enterprise compliance
  5. Gather legal information required for business compliance
  6. Identify legal risks
  7. Ensure enterprise compliance with legal requirements
  8. Report enterprise compliance

Range Statement

Performance Evidence

Candidates must demonstrate ability to identify, understand and interpret legal information in the context of the enterprise's business. Evidence must demonstrate the candidate's consistency of performance over time.

Candidates must:

analyse and maintain currency of legal information through independent research and/or professional development

read, analyse and interpret complex legal information

access relevant mathematical information

interpret monitoring data and prepare compliance reports

apply legal concepts, including duty of care, in developing and implementing enterprise operations and systems

apply teamwork strategies to foster stakeholder commitment and compliance with legal requirements

communicate legal information and requirements to all stakeholders, in a language and style suitable for the purpose and audience

determine the enterprise's level of legal and statutory compliance

interact and communicate with external authorities in a professional and open manner

promptly report non-compliance to relevant external authorities and enterprise personnel

determine corrective actions appropriate for the circumstances

present reports according to legal and enterprise requirements

use assertiveness, persuasion and negotiation as required

determine the responsibilities and liabilities of managers, directors, owners and employees and the consequences of non-compliance

maintain and secure records and record keeping systems to meet legal or statutory requirements

prepare briefing information for specialist legal advisors

identify enterprise requirements for specialist legal advice