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Elements and Performance Criteria

  1. Elements define the essential outcomes
  2. Plan a palliative approach to individual care
  3. Support individuals to identify their preferences for quality of life choices
  4. Assist with advanced care planning
  5. Take action to alleviate pain and other end-of-life symptoms
  6. Contribute to the development and implementation of end-of-life care strategies
  7. Identify and manage emotional responses in self and others

Knowledge Evidence

The candidate must be able to demonstrate essential knowledge required to effectively complete tasks outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit, manage tasks and manage contingencies in the context of the work role. This includes knowledge of:

relevant policies, protocols and practices of the organisation in relation to the provision of both a palliative approach and palliative care

common life threatening, incurable conditions

emotional impact of diagnosis of life-threatening condition

the palliative approach to care of individuals and their family

the difference between curative and palliative approaches in contributing to individual care planning

cultural and spiritual considerations in relation to palliative care

specialist palliative care

palliative care and dementia

palliative approach for children and young people

impact of loss and grief on individuals, carers and workers and the risk of depression

legal and ethical considerations for working in palliative care and advance care directives, including:

dignity of risk

duty of care

human rights

privacy, confidentiality and disclosure

specific jurisdictional legislation on advance care planning and advance care directives as it applies to the work role

work role boundaries – responsibilities and limitations

pain management and strategies to maximise comfort

hydration and nutrition requirements during a palliative approach and at end-of-life

the various signs of imminent death and deterioration