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Elements and Performance Criteria

  1. Execute a professional level of artistry and presentation in rehearsals
  2. Perform at a professional level
  3. Incorporate allied contemporary dance techniques into professional level performances
  4. Develop professional practice

Performance Evidence

Evidence of the ability to:

perform contemporary dance sequences before an audience in ways that demonstrate:

expressive skills in line with choreographic intent

ability to respond to complex changes in tempo, time signatures and musical phrasing

high level of dance improvisation skills

skills and speed in directional changes

high level of spatial awareness in group movements

harmony of movement when performing with a partner

develop professional practice

display a consistent level of commitment to developing performance quality and artistry in the given style

use contemporary dance terminology correctly.

Note: If a specific volume or frequency is not stated, then evidence must be provided for each of the above points at least once.

Knowledge Evidence

To complete the unit requirements the individual must:

explain how the following principles relate to contemporary dance movements and techniques:



relationship with gravity


shifting weight

spatial awareness

successional movement

use of breath

explain how the following apply in the context of safe dance practice and injury prevention:

articulation of the spine

engagement of the feet

bases of support, including feet, legs, hands, arms and torso

range of motion of the joints

differentiation of the legs and pelvis

explain and demonstrate how the musical elements of time signatures, beat, tempo and syncopation apply to contemporary dance technique

demonstrate physical and conceptual understanding of the fundamental technical principles in contemporary dance

in relation to contemporary dance, demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of:

choreographic and stylistic nuances

genres, styles and philosophical nature

influential choreographers

the role of acting.