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Elements and Performance Criteria

  1. Prepare for chainsaw maintenance
  2. Complete chainsaw maintenance
  3. Complete maintenance records and clean up

Performance Evidence

A person demonstrating competency in this unit must satisfy all of the elements, performance criteria and foundation skills of this unit. If a specific volume or frequency is not stated below, then evidence must be provided that the following requirements have been performed on at least one occasion:

complete these routine and frequently required service requirements on chainsaws in line with manufacturer's instructions:

removing, checking and cleaning air filter for damage and penetration of foreign material

cleaning saw body, air intake vents and cooling fins

cleaning chain brake

inspecting chain and guide bar

checking screws and nuts for tightness

checking safety devices

filling fuel tanks and chain oil tanks

complete these types of periodic service requirements on chainsaws in line with manufacturer's instructions:

replacing drive sprocket

cleaning or replacing and setting spark plug

checking and replacing fuel filter

checking chain brake, oil system, flywheel assembly, anti-vibration system, muffler and spark arrestor

inspecting and replacing starter cord and starter spring

matching pitches and gauges of cutting components

dressing and cleaning cutter bar

cleaning fly wheel

removing and cleaning exhaust and fire screen

complete these activities to check and sharpen chain saw chains in line with manufacturer's instructions:

inspecting and adjusting chain

inspecting and replacing chain that is worn, damaged or incorrectly sharpened

sharpening chain types and setting of depth gauges.

Knowledge Evidence

A person competent in this unit must be able to demonstrate knowledge of:

types, purpose, features and operation of chainsaws for which repairs are completed

features and names of different parts of chainsaws

purpose, features and operation of tools and equipment used to repair and maintain chainsaws

specifications and types of bars, chains and sprockets

differences between frequent and periodic chainsaw maintenance requirements

techniques for:

removing chains and other chainsaw components

assessing chain condition

sharpening chains to specified requirements

reassembling chainsaw components

hazards for maintaining chainsaws and methods to minimise associated risks:

loud noise and exhaust fumes

mechanical vibration

handling hazardous substances

cuts and hot surfaces

rotating parts

organisational procedures specific to repairing and maintaining chainsaws:

workplace health and safety with particular emphasis on equipment lock out and use of personal protective equipment

communication reporting lines

recording and reporting repairs, maintenance activities and equipment faults

environmental protection practices for repairing and maintaining chainsaws:

cleaning plant, tools and equipment

disposing of, recycling and reusing materials

disposing of hazardous substances.