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Elements and Performance Criteria

  1. Prepare for operation
  2. Operate and monitor heat plant
  3. Shut down and store heat plant

Performance Evidence

A person demonstrating competency in this unit must satisfy all of the elements, performance criteria and foundation skills of this unit. If a specific volume or frequency is not stated below, then evidence must be provided that the following requirements have been performed on at least one occasion:

operate a heat plant, in line with operating orders for each period prescribing different energy generation requirements

after the above jobs:

complete operating logs and fuel efficiency records

maintain cleanliness of plant and plant room.

Knowledge Evidence

A person competent in this unit must be able to demonstrate knowledge of:

environmental protection practices for heat plant operations:

cleaning plant, tools and equipment

disposing of hazardous substances

characteristics and dangers of heat and energy generated by heat plants

purpose, features and operation of energy generating heat plants

processes for heat plant startup, shutdown, cleaning and storage

range of data used to evaluate heat plant performance:

heat levels

pressure levels

energy generation levels

heat build-up

system overload information

monitor fuel usage

past performance records

methods used to:

remove valves and fittings

clean plant and plant room

organisational procedures specific to operating heat plants:

workplace health and safety with particular emphasis on equipment lock out and use of personal protective equipment

communication reporting lines

recording and reporting operating logs, fuel efficiency records, equipment faults and maintenance requirements.