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Elements and Performance Criteria

  1. Roster and monitor staffing levels and workload.
  2. Monitor and support individual and team performance.
  3. Support employee development.
  4. Maintain staffing records.
  5. Roster and monitor staffing levels and workload.
  6. Monitor and support individual and team performance.
  7. Support employee development.
  8. Maintain staffing records.

Knowledge Evidence

Demonstrated knowledge of:

human resources principles in relation to maintaining staffing levels and rostering to budgeting requirements

methods for assessing staff expertise and professional development requirements according to current job roles and career development

potential rostering and staffing issues, including:

staff shortages

inadequate training levels

required skills of workforce

range of strategies for addressing staff availability, including:

revising work schedules

reallocating tasks

calling in additional staff

reporting staffing issues to appropriate personnel

factors that impact on individual work performance, including:

general standard of work

completing assigned tasks according to workplace timeframes

preparing work plans

following work schedules

job planning

attitude to clients and team members

following administrative procedures

providing constructive feedback to individual staff and teams

professional development options to support staff development, including additional training, recognition processes and future career pathways

workplace policies and procedures relevant to personnel, employment, staff development, rostering and creating and maintaining staff records

relevant federal, state or territory legislation relating to WHS, workers’ compensation, industrial relations, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), anti-discrimination and privacy

provisions of relevant awards and workplace agreements

position descriptions of relevant staff

career pathways in the funeral services industry.