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Elements and Performance Criteria

  1. Prepare to perform EWP rescue procedures
  2. Carry out EWP rescue procedure.
  3. Complete the EWP rescue procedure

Required Skills

Essential Knowledge and Associated Skills EKAS This describes the essential skills and knowledge and their level required for this unit

Evidence shall show that knowledge has been acquired of performing EWP rescue procedure

All knowledge and skills detailed in this unit should be contextualised to current industry practices and technologies


KS01-TRF03B EWP Rescue

Evidence shall show an understanding of EWP rescue to an extent indicated by the following aspects

T Emergency procedures for the EWP rescue of a victim encompassing

Inspection of rescue equipment

Assessing hazards to rescuer victim and others

Isolation procedures where appropriate

Knowledge of Safe Approach Distances SADs appropriate to EWP Rescue

Involvement of external emergency services

Emergency retrieval systems

T Emergency procedures for the skills required to undertake EWP rescue of a victim encompassing

Placement of rescue equipment

Controlling hazards to rescuer victim and others

Maintaining Safe Approach Distances SADs appropriate to EWP Rescue

Practical demonstration of rescuing a person

Removing victim to safe location place of safety

Evidence Required

This provides essential advice for assessment of the competency standard unit and must be read in conjunction with the Performance Criteria and the range statement of the competency standard unit and the Training Package Assessment Guidelines

The Evidence Guide forms an integral part of this Competency Standard Unit and shall be used in conjunction with all component parts of this unit and performed in accordance with the Assessment Guidelines of this Training Package

Overview of Assessment

In accordance with the National Refresher Training Recognition Protocol for the Electricity Supply Industry this unit is identified as a Refresher Training unit and is only available for use by industry to meet industry protocols and regulatory requirements

Industry has defined Refresher Training as

A competency confirmation event which may include training the purpose of which is to compensate for or prevent deterioration in a previously achieved standard of performance

Under the protocol and the applicable State or Territory legislative and regulatory requirements Electricity Supply Industry employees are required to maintain currency in this Unit for authorisationapproval to work on ESI Networks

Industry accepts that opportunities to practice emergency procedures are generally restricted to simulated exercises in a controlled environment during competency confirmation programs

The critical safety nature of working with electricity electrical equipment gas or any other hazardous substancematerial carries risk in deeming a person competent Hence sources of evidence need to be rich in nature so as to minimise error in judgment

Methods chosen for a particular assessment will be influenced by various factors These include the extent of the assessment the most effective locations for the assessment activities to take place access to physical resources additional safety measures that may be required and the critical nature of the competencies being assessed

These points are raised for the assessors to consider when choosing an assessment method and developing assessment instruments

An industry endorsed Learning Assessment Plan LAP has been developed to support this unit

Critical aspects of evidence required to demonstrate competency in this unit

Before the critical aspects of evidence are considered all prerequisites shall be met

Evidence for competence in this unit shall be considered holistically Each element and associated Performance Criteria shall be demonstrated at each competency confirmation event

In accordance with State and Territory regulations and the Assessment Guidelines UET Evidence shall also comprise

Performance demonstrated within the timeframes typically expected of the rescue procedure In particular the assessment of this unit shall confirm that a candidate is able to

Implement Occupational Health and Safety workplace procedures and practices including the use of risk control measures as specified in the Performance Criteria and range and

Demonstrate an understanding of the essential knowledge and associated skills as described in this unit to such an extent that the learners performance outcome is reported in accordance with the preferred approach namely a percentile graded result where required by the regulated environment and

Demonstrate an appropriate level of employability skills and

Conduct work observing the relevant Anti Discrimination legislation regulations policies and workplace procedures and

Demonstrated performance across a representative range of contexts from the prescribed items below

Range of toolsequipmentmaterialsproceduresworkplacesother variables

Group No

The minimum number of items on which skill is to be demonstrated

Item List


All to the satisfaction of the assessor

Identification of operational instructions and confirmation of the function of emergency equipment to facilitate rescue from an incident in an EWP


All to the satisfaction of the assessor

Accessing controls and lowering the EWP in accordance with mobile equipment instructionsworkplace procedures


All to the satisfaction of the assessor

Removing the victim from the EWP to the ground in accordance with workplace procedures

Context of and specific resources for assessment

This unit should be assessed as it relates to normal work practice using procedures information and resources typical of a workplace This should include

OHS policy and work procedures and instructions

Suitable work environment facilities equipment and materials to safely undertake actual performance of EWP rescue procedures in the workplace

In addition to the resources listed above in Context of and specific resources for assessment evidence should show demonstrated competency working in realistic environment and a variety of conditions

Method of assessment

This Competency Standard Unit shall be assessed by methods given in Volume Part Assessment Guidelines


Competent performance with inherent safe working practices is expected in the Industry to which this Competency Standard Unit applies This requires that the specified essential knowledge and associated skills are assessed in a structured environment which is primarily intended for learningassessment and incorporates all necessary equipment and facilities for learners to develop and demonstrate the essential knowledge and associated skills described in this unit

Concurrent assessment and relationship with other units

For optimisation of training and assessment effort competence in this unit is not recommended to be assessed concurrently with any other unit

Range Statement

10) This relates to the competency standard unit as a whole providing the range of contexts and conditions to which the Performance Criteria apply. It allows for different work environments and situations that will affect performance.

This Competency Standard Unit shall be demonstrated in relation to EWP rescue procedures in the workplace and will include the following:

Applying work procedures and instructions as they apply to risk control and personal safety measures.

Inspection and function of emergency equipment to facilitate a prompt response and rescue from a raised EWP.

Accessing emergency lowering device in accordance with mobile equipment instructions/workplace procedures.

Removing the victim from contact with or in vicinity of live apparatus where necessary in accordance with workplace procedures.

Operation of emergency lowering device in accordance with mobile equipment instructions/workplace procedures.

Lowering the basket to the ground, removing the victim from the basket and performing CPR if required, in accordance with workplace procedures.

Facilitating treatment by medical professionals when and where required

The following constants and variables included in the element/Performance Criteria in this unit are fully described in the Definitions Section 1 of this volume and form an integral part of the Range Statement of this unit:

Appropriate and relevant persons

Assessing risk




Established procedures

Fall prevention


Identifying hazards




OHS practices

OHS issues

Permits and/or permits to work



Testing procedures

Work clearance systems