Implement maintenance procedures

Formats and tools

Display the unit as an HTML page, ready to cut and paste.
Moodle 1.9 template
A moodle 1.9 course with content placeholders for the unit's elements and performance criteria.
Moodle Outcomes
Create a csv file of the unit's performance criteria to import into a moodle course as outcomes, ready to associate with each of your assignments.
Assessment Template
generate a spreadsheet for marking this unit in a classroom environment
Evidence Guide
create an evidence guide for workplace assessment and RPL applicants
mark up the unit in a wiki format, ready to copy and paste into a wikispaces wiki page.
Self Assessment Survey
self assess current skill levels for each of the unit's performance criteria. Cut and paste into a web document or print and distribute.
Google Links
quick links to google searches, customised for each of the unit's elements and performance criteria. I use these for finding resources or as the starting point for getting students to find, post and vote on useful resources in a forum.

Elements and Performance Criteria

Determine best practices for equipment and software maintenance
  • Identify equipment and software that are to be maintained and implement processes to ensure future acquisitions of equipment and software are identified
  • Identify vendor documentation , peer organisations or research information detailing best practices in equipment and software maintenance to improve system performance and reliability
  • Develop recommended maintenance and operations guidelines for equipment and software maintenance based on the above research
  • Obtain requirements from user in the area of equipment maintenance and reliability
  • Document procedures for maintenance based on best practices

Identify resources to provide equipment and software maintenance
  • Identify and record the level of support that can be provided by in-house resources
  • Identify and record the support to be supplied by external or third-party organisations
  • Develop or update service level agreement (SLA) with internal user and third-party suppliers

Revise practices, where appropriate
  • Monitor and review maintenance operation
  • Identify problem areas, including failures to meet SLAs, and consider changes to maintenance procedures
  • Assess changes in consultation with user, support staff and third-party suppliers
  • Design and implement improvements to maintenance procedures