Total number of units = 15

Core Units = 1

Elective Units = 14

Core Units

Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AHCWHS201

Participate in work health and safety processes

Elective Units

Select 4 units from Group A

Select 7 units from Group A or B

3 units may be selected from Group B or this or any other endorsed Training Package or Accredited Course
Selected units must be relevant to job outcomes in production horticulture and must be chosen to ensure the integrity of the qualification outcome at AQF level 2

Group A

Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AHCBIO202

Follow site quarantine procedures

add topic AHCCHM201

Apply chemicals under supervision

add topic AHCMOM203

Operate basic machinery and equipment

add topic AHCPHT201

Plant horticultural crops

add topic AHCPHT203

Support horticultural crop harvesting

add topic AHCPHT205

Carry out post-harvest operations

add topic AHCPMG201

Treat weeds

add topic AHCPMG202

Treat plant pests, diseases and disorders

add topic AHCSOL202

Assist with soil or growing media sampling and testing

add topic AHCWRK209

Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

Group B

Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AHCINF203

Maintain properties and structures

add topic AHCIRG215

Assist with low volume irrigation operations

add topic AHCIRG216

Assist with surface irrigation operations

add topic AHCIRG217

Assist with pressurised irrigation operations

add topic AHCIRG218

Assist with pump and flow control device operations

add topic AHCIRG326

Operate irrigation injection equipment

add topic AHCMOM201

Operate two wheel motorbikes

add topic AHCMOM202

Operate tractors

add topic AHCMOM204

Undertake operational maintenance of machinery

add topic AHCMOM205

Operate vehicles

add topic AHCMOM212

Operate quad bikes

add topic AHCNSY202

Care for nursery plants

add topic AHCNSY203

Undertake propagation activities

add topic AHCPHT202

Carry out canopy maintenance

add topic AHCPHT204

Undertake field budding and grafting

add topic AHCPHT206

Handle and move mushroom boxes

add topic AHCPHT207

Perform mushroom substrate process tasks

add topic AHCPHT208

Water mushroom crops

add topic AHCPHT209

Produce trellis dried grapes

add topic AHCWRK201

Observe and report on weather

add topic AHCWRK203

Operate in isolated and remote situations

add topic AHCWRK206

Observe enterprise quality assurance procedures

add topic AHCWRK207

Collect and record production data

add topic AHCWRK208

Provide information on products and services

add topic FDFOP2012A

Maintain food safety when loading, unloading and transporting food

add topic FDFOP2016A

Work in a food handling area for non-food handlers

add topic FDFWGG2001A

Bench graft vines

add topic FDFWGG2002A

Carry out potting operations

add topic FDFWGG2003A

Hand prune vines

add topic FDFWGG2005A

Maintain callusing environment

add topic FDFWGG2006A

Obtain and process rootlings

add topic FDFWGG2008A

Train vines

add topic FDFWGG2009A

Operate specialised canopy management equipment

add topic FDFWGG2010A

Field graft vines

add topic FDFWGG2015A

Support mechanical harvesting operations

add topic FDFWGG2016A

Install and maintain vine trellis

add topic FDFWGG2018A

Operate vineyard equipment

add topic FDFWGG2020A

Carry out hot water treatment

add topic FDFWGG2021A

Operate nursery cold storage facilities

add topic FDFWGG2022A

Take and process vine cuttings

add topic FWPCOT3259

Operate a four wheel drive on unsealed roads

add topic MEM18001C

Use hand tools

add topic MEM18002B

Use power tools/hand held operations

add topic TLID1001

Shift materials safely using manual handling methods

add topic TLID2022

Conduct weighbridge operations

add topic TLILIC2001

Licence to operate a forklift truck

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.