Total number of units = 15

Core Units = 2

Elective Units = 13

Core Units


Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AHCLSK331

Comply with industry animal welfare requirements

Work health and safety

Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AHCWHS301

Contribute to work health and safety processes

Elective Units

Select 6 units from Group A

Select 4 units from Group A or Group B

3 units aligned to AQF levels 2, 3, or 4 may be selected from the elective list, or this or any other endorsed Training Package or Accredited Course
Selected units must be relevant to job outcomes in pork production and must be chosen to ensure the integrity of the qualification outcome at AQF level 3

Group A


Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AHCBIO305

Apply biosecurity measures


Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AHCLSK301

Administer medication to livestock

add topic AHCLSK304

Carry out post-mortem examination of livestock

add topic AHCLSK307

Euthanase livestock

add topic AHCLSK308

Identify and draft livestock

add topic AHCLSK309

Implement animal health control programs

add topic AHCLSK313

Monitor livestock production growing environments

add topic AHCLSK314

Prepare animals for parturition

add topic AHCLSK318

Rear newborn and young livestock

add topic AHCLSK323

Maintain and monitor feed stocks

add topic AHCLSK328

Remove and facilitate reuse of effluent and manure from an intensive production system

Pork production

Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AHCPRK301

Pregnancy test pigs

add topic AHCPRK303

Artificially inseminate pigs


Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AHCWRK305

Coordinate work site activities

add topic AHCWRK309

Apply environmentally sustainable work practices

Group B

Artificial insemination

Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AHCAIS302

Process and store semen


Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AHCINF302

Plan and construct an electric fence


Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AHCLSK303

Carry out feedlot operations

add topic AHCLSK305

Maintain livestock water supplies

add topic AHCLSK306

Coordinate and monitor production performance

add topic AHCLSK310

Implement feeding plans for intensive production

add topic AHCLSK311

Implement feeding plans for livestock

add topic AHCLSK315

Prepare for and implement natural mating of livestock

add topic AHCLSK319

Slaughter livestock

add topic AHCLSK320

Coordinate and monitor livestock transport

add topic AHCLSK322

Transport farm produce or bulk materials

add topic AHCLSK325

Castrate livestock

add topic AHCLSK326

Mix and mill standard stockfeed

add topic AHCLSK327

Collect, store and administer colostrum

Machinery Operation and Maintenance

Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AHCMOM201

Operate two wheel motorbikes

add topic AHCMOM202

Operate tractors

add topic AHCMOM203

Operate basic machinery and equipment

add topic AHCMOM205

Operate vehicles

add topic AHCMOM207

Conduct front-end loader operations

add topic AHCMOM211

Operate side by side utility vehicles

add topic AHCMOM212

Operate quad bikes

add topic AHCMOM305

Operate specialised machinery and equipment

Natural Area Restoration

Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AHCNAR302

Collect and preserve biological samples

Pest management

Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AHCPMG308

Implement pest management strategies

Pork production

Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AHCPRK204

Care for weaner pigs

add topic AHCPRK206

Conduct outdoor pig operations

add topic AHCPRK302

Treat rectal prolapse in pigs

add topic AHCPRK304

Mate pigs and monitor dry sow performance

add topic AHCPRK305

Care for grower and finisher pigs

add topic AHCPRK306

Monitor and maintain outdoor pig production

add topic AHCPRK402

Maintain outdoor pig production environment


Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AHCWRK205

Participate in workplace communications

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.