Total number of units = 12

Core Units = 5

Elective Units = 7

Core Units

Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AHCPER401

Provide advice on permaculture principles and practices

add topic AHCPER502

Design an integrated permaculture system

add topic AHCPER503

Develop a strategic plan for a permaculture project or enterprise

add topic AHCPER504

Manage a permaculture project

add topic AHCPER507

Research and interpret requirements for a permaculture project

Elective Units

Select 4 units from Group A

Select 1 unit from Group A or B

2 units may be selected from Group B or from this or any other endorsed Training Package or Accredited Course.

Selected units must be relevant to job outcomes in Permaculture and must be chosen to ensure the integrity of the qualification outcome at AQF level 5

Group A

Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AHCPER501

Carry out permaculture field research

add topic AHCPER505

Plan and supervise the implementation of permaculture project works

add topic AHCPER506

Develop a relocalisation or transition project

add topic AHCPER508

Manage a permaculture aid and development project

add topic AHCPER509

Design permaculture structures and features

add topic AHCPER510

Prepare a sustainable community and bioregional development strategy

add topic AHCPER511

Facilitate participatory planning and learning activities

add topic AHCPER512

Plan community governance and decision making processes

add topic AHCPER413

Evaluate suitability of species as solutions for permaculture applications

add topic AHCORG402

Manage organic livestock production

add topic AHCORG403

Manage organic soil improvement

Group B

Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AHCAGB501

Develop climate risk management strategies

add topic AHCBUS502

Market products and services

add topic AHCBUS503

Negotiate and monitor contracts

add topic AHCBUS506

Develop and review a business plan

add topic AHCCCF501

Evaluate project submissions

add topic AHCCCF506

Manage the incorporation of a group

add topic AHCILM506

Operate within community cultures and goals

add topic AHCNAR501

Manage natural areas on a rural property

add topic AHCORG501

Develop an organic management plan

add topic AHCORG502

Prepare the enterprise for organic certification

add topic AHCSAW502

Plan erosion and sediment control measures

add topic AHCWRK509

Provide specialist advice to clients

add topic AHCWRK511

Develop workplace policies and procedures for sustainability

add topic CHCCDE012

Work within organisation and government structures to enable community development outcomes

add topic CHCVOL003

Recruit, induct and support volunteers

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.