Total number of units = 10

Core Units = 7

Elective Units = 3

Core Units

NOTE: Units marked with an asterisk (*) require completion of prerequisite Unit/s which is identified under the Unit.

Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AHCARB601

Examine and assess trees*

add topic AHCARB403 Perform a ground-based tree defect evaluation**

add topic AHCARB302 Inspect trees for access and work***

add topic AHCARB313 Identify trees

add topic AHCARB602

Diagnose tree diseases

add topic AHCARB603

Interpret diagnostic test results

add topic AHCARB604

Measure and improve the performance of urban forests

add topic AHCARB605

Provide consultation in a legal framework

add topic AHCARB606

Develop an operational tree management plan

add topic AHCWRK507

Implement professional practice

Elective Units

Select 1 unit from Group A

An additional 2 units may be selected from Group A or this or any other endorsed Training Package or Accredited Course
Selected units must be relevant to job outcomes in Arboriculture and must be chosen to ensure the integrity of the qualification outcome at AQF level 6

NOTE: Units marked with an asterisk (*) require completion of prerequisite Unit/s which is identified under the Unit.

Group A

Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AHCARB607

Review and develop strategic tree policy

add topic LGAPLEM512A

Provide geographic information systems data

add topic AHCNRM507

Manipulate and analyse data within geographic information systems

add topic AHCPCM601

Develop and implement a plant health management strategy

add topic AHCARB507

Generate tree plans using computer-aided design software

add topic AHCWRK603

Design and conduct a field-based research trial

add topic MSL975017

Perform laboratory-based ecological techniques

add topic AHCLPW601

Coordinate the preparation of a regional resource management plan

add topic BSBMGT616

Develop and implement strategic plans

add topic FWPFGM6203

Manage sustainable tree inventory

add topic FWPCOT6204A

Use carbon accounting to estimate emissions

add topic FWPCOT6205A

Prepare an enterprise carbon management report

add topic FWPCOT6207A

Develop forest management systems and processes

add topic LGAPLEM612

Protect heritage and cultural assets

add topic BSBMGT617

Develop and implement a business plan

add topic PSPPCY010

Manage policy implementation

add topic BSBCOM602

Develop and create compliance requirements

add topic LGAGCM710A

Manage contracts and contractors

add topic LGACOMP008A

Apply conflict resolution strategies

add topic AHCWRK502

Collect and manage data

Entry Requirements

AHC50516 Diploma of Arboriculture.