Total number of units = 26

Core Units = 5

Elective Units = 21

Core Units

Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AMPCOR202

Apply hygiene and sanitation practices

add topic AMPCOR203

Comply with Quality Assurance and HACCP requirements

add topic AMPCOR204

Follow safe work policies and procedures

add topic AMPCOR205

Communicate in the workplace

add topic AMPCOR206

Overview the meat industry

Elective Units

Select 2 units from Group A

Select 7 units from Group B

Select 7 units from Group C

Select 1 Unit from Group D

The remaining 4 units may be selected from the elective list, or this or any other endorsed Training Package or Accredited Course

Selected units must be relevant to job outcomes in the manufacture of smallgoods products and must be chosen to ensure the integrity of the qualification outcome at AQF level 3.

Group A

Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AMPS101

Handle materials and products

add topic AMPS102

Pack smallgoods product

add topic AMPX202

Clean work area during operations

add topic FDFOP2061A

Use numerical applications in the workplace

add topic HLTAID003

Provide first aid

Group B

Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AMPA2047

Inspect hindquarter and remove contamination*

add topic AMPX209 Sharpen knives

add topic AMPA2048

Inspect forequarter and remove contamination*

add topic AMPX209 Sharpen knives

add topic AMPA2109

Store carcase product

add topic AMPA2110

Store carton product

add topic AMPA2174

Clean after operations boning room

add topic AMPS201

Package product using thermoform process

add topic AMPS203

Operate bar and coder systems

add topic AMPS205

Select, identify and prepare casings

add topic AMPS206

Manually shape and form product

add topic AMPS207

Slice product using simple machinery

add topic AMPS208

Rotate stored meat

add topic AMPS209

Rotate meat product

add topic AMPS210

Inspect carton meat

add topic AMPS211

Prepare dry ingredients

add topic AMPS212

Measure and calculate routine workplace data

add topic AMPS213

Manually link and tie product

add topic AMPX203

Operate scales and semi-automatic labelling machinery

add topic AMPX205

Clean chillers

add topic AMPX206

Operate forklift in a specific workplace

add topic AMPX207

Vacuum pack product

add topic AMPX209

Sharpen knives

add topic AMPX210

Prepare and slice meat cuts*

add topic AMPX209 Sharpen knives

add topic AMPX211

Trim meat to specifications*

add topic AMPX209 Sharpen knives

add topic AMPX212

Package product using automatic packing and labelling equipment

add topic AMPX213

Despatch meat product

add topic AMPX214

Package meat and smallgoods product for retail sale

add topic AMPX217

Package product using gas flushing process

add topic AMPX218

Operate metal detection unit

add topic AMPX301

Assess product in chillers

add topic CPPCLO3038

Clean food-handling areas

add topic FDFOP2007A

Work in a freezer storage area

add topic FDFOP2010A

Work with temperature controlled stock

add topic MSL922001

Record and present data

add topic TLID2013

Move materials mechanically using automated equipment

Group C

Unit Code

Unit Title

add topic AMPS300

Operate mixer or blender unit

add topic AMPS301

Cook, steam and cool product

add topic AMPS302

Prepare dried meat

add topic AMPS307

Sort meat

add topic AMPS308

Batch meat

add topic AMPS312

Prepare meat-based pates and terrines for commercial sale

add topic AMPS313

Prepare product formulations

add topic AMPS314

Ferment and mature product

add topic AMPS315

Blend meat product

add topic AMPX302

Cure and corn product

add topic AMPX305

Smoke product

Group D

add topic AMPA3094

Use standard product descriptions beef

add topic AMPA3095

Use standard product descriptions pork

add topic AMPS303

Fill casings

add topic AMPS304

Thaw product water

add topic AMPS305

Thaw product air

add topic AMPX204

Maintain production records

add topic AMPX303

Break carcase into primal cuts

add topic AMPX209 Sharpen knives

add topic AMPX304

Prepare primal cuts*

add topic AMPX209 Sharpen knives

add topic AMPX309

Identify and repair equipment faults

add topic MSL904001

Perform standard calibrations

add topic MSL952002

Handle and transport samples or equipment

add topic MSL954001

Obtain representative samples in accordance with sampling plan

add topic MSL973001

Perform basic tests

add topic TAEDEL301

Provide work skill instruction

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.