Total number of units = 6

3 core units, plus

3 elective units, of which:

up to 3 elective units may be chosen from the elective units listed below

up to 1 elective unit may be chosen from a Certificate I or Certificate II qualification in this Training Package or another endorsed Training Package or accredited course, provided that the units chosen contribute to the vocational outcome of this qualification and do not duplicate the outcome of another unit chosen for the qualification.

Core Units

Unit code

Unit title

add topic AUMAFA001

Apply for jobs and undertake job interviews

add topic AUMATK001

Use and maintain tools and equipment

add topic MEM13014A

Apply principles of occupational health and safety in the work environment

Elective Units

Unit code

Unit title

add topic AUMAMA001

Contribute to production goals

add topic AUMAMA002

Work effectively in teams

add topic AURAEA1001

Identify environmental requirements in an automotive workplace

add topic BSBCMM101A

Apply basic communication skills

add topic MSAENV272B

Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices