Total number of units = 10

3 core units, plus

7 elective units, of which:

all specialist elective units must be chosen from either Group A or Group B specialist elective units

up to 4 general elective units may be chosen from the general elective units listed below

up to 2 elective units may be chosen from a Certificate III qualification or above in this Training Package or another endorsed Training Package or accredited course, provided that the units chosen contribute to the vocational outcome of this qualification and do not duplicate the outcome of another unit chosen for the qualification.

Core Units

Unit code

Unit title


add topic AUMAMM001

Influence and lead work groups in an automotive manufacturing workplace

add topic AUMFMM003

Plan and organise automotive production and assembly processes

add topic MSS403041A

Facilitate breakthrough improvements

Specialist Elective Units

Unit code

Unit title


Group A

add topic AUMAQA001

Apply quality assurance techniques

add topic AUMATA002

Conduct post-production inspections and tests

add topic AUMATA006

Provide automotive manufacturing advice

Group B

add topic MSS403011A

Facilitate implementation of competitive systems and practices

add topic MSS403040A

Facilitate and improve implementation of 5S

add topic MSS404053A

Use six sigma techniques

add topic MSS404052A

General Elective Units

Unit code

Unit title


add topic AUMABM001

Control stock

add topic AUMAKM002

Produce computer-aided drawings

add topic AUMAMA003

Prepare new product designs

add topic AUMANA001

Prepare and document quotations

add topic AUMASA001

Apply safe work practices in the automotive manufacturing environment

add topic AUMATA001

Develop documentation and procedures

add topic AUMATA007

Conduct vehicle performance tests

add topic AUMATA008

Produce drawings manually

add topic AUMATK004

Use and maintain measuring equipment

add topic AUMATK005

Calibrate measuring equipment

add topic AUMATK006

Test plant, tools, equipment, product and systems

add topic AUMATK007

Install vehicle plant, equipment or systems

add topic AUMATK008

Maintain vehicle plant, tools, equipment and systems

add topic AUMATK009

Repair vehicle plant, tools, equipment and systems

add topic AUMATK010

Manufacture and modify vehicle plant, tools, equipment and systems

add topic AUMATK011

Use technical data relating to plant, tools, equipment and systems

add topic AUMATR002

Install and maintain motor vehicle instrumentation sensors and transmitters

add topic AUMATW002

Inspect welding

add topic AUMFTA001

Document manufacturing design processes

add topic AUMFTA005

Analyse test vehicles for research purposes

add topic AURAEA4004

Manage environmental compliance in an automotive workplace

add topic AURMTE4001

Test engines using a dynamometer

add topic AURTTA4021

Carry out diagnosis of complex system faults

add topic BSBLED401A

Develop teams and individuals

add topic BSBPMG412A

Apply project cost-management techniques

add topic BSBRKG304B

Maintain business records

add topic BSBRSK401A

Identify risk and apply risk management processes

add topic ICAICT103A

Use, communicate and search securely on the internet

add topic MSAPMSUP390A

Use structured problem solving tools

add topic MSS402002A

Sustain process improvements

add topic MSS402010A

Manage the impact of change on own work

add topic MSS402020A

Apply quick changeover procedures

add topic MSS402030A

Apply cost factors to work practices

add topic MSS402031A

Interpret product costs in terms of customer requirements

add topic MSS402050A

Monitor process capability

add topic MSS402051A

Apply quality standards

add topic MSS402060A

Use planning software systems in operations

add topic MSS402061A

Use SCADA systems in operations

add topic MSS402080A

Undertake root cause analysis

add topic MSS403001A

Implement competitive systems and practices

add topic MSS403002A

Ensure process improvements are sustained

add topic MSS403021A

Facilitate a Just In Time system

add topic MSS403030A

Improve cost factors in work practices

add topic MSS403032A

Analyse manual handling processes

add topic MSS403051A

Mistake proof an operational process

add topic MSS404050A

Undertake process capability improvements

add topic MSS404052A

add topic MSS404052A

Apply statistics to operational processes

add topic MSS404060A

Facilitate the use of planning software systems in a work area or team

Entry Requirements

Those undertaking this qualification are required to have AUMGQA001 Apply workplace technical quality standards, or be able to demonstrate equivalent competency.