Total number of units = 12

7 core units

5 elective units, of which:

up to 5 elective units may be chosen from the elective units listed below

up to 2 elective units may be chosen from a Certificate II qualification or above in this Training Package or another endorsed Training Package or accredited course, provided that the units chosen contribute to the vocational outcome of this qualification and do not duplicate the outcome of another unit chosen for the qualification.

Core Units

Unit code

Unit title

add topic AURAEA3003

Monitor environmental and sustainability best practice in the automotive mechanical industry

add topic AURAMA3003

Conduct information sessions

add topic AURAQA3003

Maintain quality systems

add topic AURATA3004

Provide technical guidance

add topic AURKKJ001

Manage use of tyre management software

add topic AURLTJ3004

Provide advice on the effects of wheel and tyre combinations

add topic FDFPPL3003A

Support and mentor individuals and groups

Elective Units

Unit code

Unit title

add topic AUMAQA001

Apply quality assurance techniques

add topic AURACA3002

Establish customer requirements of a complex nature

add topic AURAFA2003

Communicate effectively in an automotive workplace

add topic AURAFA2004

Solve routine problems in an automotive workplace

add topic AURAKA3002

Adapt work processes to new technologies

add topic AURAMA2002

Communicate business information

add topic AURAMA3004

Maintain business image

add topic AURAQA2001

Contribute to quality work outcomes

add topic AURAQA3002

Inspect technical quality of work

add topic AURASA2002

Apply safe working practices in an automotive workplace

add topic AURHTJ2002

Select heavy vehicle tyres and rims for specific applications

add topic AURKTJ003

Perform minor repairs to earthmoving and off-the-road tyres

add topic AURKTJ004

Conduct non-destructive testing of wheel and rim assemblies

add topic AURKTJ005

Select earthmoving and off-the-road tyres, wheels and rim assemblies for specific applications

add topic AURKTJ006

Use earthmoving and off-the-road tyre handlers

add topic AURLTJ2001

Select tyres and rims for specific applications (light)

add topic AURSAA2001

Process customer complaints

add topic AURSCA2002

Present stock and sales area

add topic AURSCA2004

Carry out cash, credit and funds transfers

add topic BSBPRO401A

Develop product knowledge

add topic BSBWOR204A

Use business technology

add topic CSCORG301A

Prepare reports

add topic HLTAID003

Provide First Aid

add topic MSAPMSUP390A

Use structured problem solving tools

add topic PMBPROD336A

Inspect heavy off-the-road tyres

add topic RIICOM201D

Communicate in the workplace

add topic RIIQUA201D

Maintain and monitor site quality standards

add topic RIIRIS201D

Conduct local risk control

add topic RIIRIS301D

Apply risk management processes

add topic RIIWHS201D

Work safely and follow WHS policies and procedures

add topic RIIWHS204D

Work safely at heights

add topic RIIWHS301D

Conduct safety and health investigations

add topic SIRXINV001A

Perform stock control procedures

add topic SIRXINV002A

Maintain and order stock

add topic SIRXMER201

Merchandise products

add topic SIRXRSK002A

Maintain store security

add topic TAEDEL301A

Provide work skill instruction

Entry Requirements

Those undertaking Certificate III in Automotive Tyre Management must have completed the Certificate II in Automotive Tyre Servicing Technology from AUR12 or be able to demonstrate equivalent competency.