Total number of units = 10

1 core unit, plus

9 elective units, of which:

up to 9 units may be chosen from the Elective Units listed below

up to 2 units may be chosen from a Certificate III qualification or above in this Training Package or another endorsed Training Package or accredited course, provided that the units chosen contribute to the vocational outcome of this qualification and do not duplicate the outcome of another unit chosen for the qualification.

Core Units

Unit code

Unit title

add topic AURTTA021

Diagnose complex system faults

Elective Units

Unit code

Unit title

add topic AURETR017

Overhaul charging system alternators

add topic AURETR018

Overhaul starting system motors

add topic AURETU007

Overhaul air conditioning and HVAC system compressors

add topic AURHTB003

Overhaul hydraulic and air over hydraulic braking system components

add topic AURHTB004

Overhaul air braking system components

add topic AURHTD004

Carry out heavy vehicle wheel alignment operations

add topic AURLTB001

Overhaul light vehicle braking system components

add topic AURLTD006

Carry out light vehicle wheel alignment operations

add topic AURMTA007

Conduct non-destructive testing

add topic AURMTE001

Test engines using a dynamometer

add topic AURPTE004

Overhaul outdoor power equipment engines

add topic AURRTE011

Overhaul two and four-stroke cycle marine outboard engines

add topic AURTTD005

Overhaul steering system components

add topic AURTTE005

Overhaul engines

add topic AURTTF003

Overhaul diesel fuel injection system components

add topic AURTTF007

Overhaul carburettor fuel system components

add topic AURTTM001

Operate and monitor computer numerical control machines

add topic AURTTM002

Repair bearing tunnels and connecting rods in engines

add topic AURTTM003

Apply metal to rebuild engine components

add topic AURTTM004

Assemble engine blocks and sub-assemblies

add topic AURTTM005

Balance rotating and reciprocating engine components

add topic AURTTM006

Perform advanced machining and blueprinting of engine components

add topic AURTTM007

Carry out crankshaft grinding

add topic AURTTM008

Dismantle and evaluate engine blocks and sub-assemblies

add topic AURTTM009

Fit sleeves and bore and hone engine cylinders

add topic AURTTM010

Heat treat, straighten and reclaim engine components

add topic AURTTM011

Recondition engine cylinder heads

add topic AURTTQ004

Overhaul final drive assemblies

add topic AURTTW003

Carry out machining operations

add topic AURTTX007

Overhaul clutch assemblies

add topic AURTTX008

Overhaul manual transmissions

add topic AURTTX009

Overhaul automatic transmissions

add topic AURTTX010

Overhaul hydrostatic transmissions

Entry Requirements

Those undertaking Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Overhauling must have completed an automotive mechanical Certificate III qualification, or be able to demonstrate equivalent competency.

No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication.