A total of 14 units of competency comprising:

8 core units listed below plus

6 general elective units from the general elective units listed below. The general elective units must contribute to the vocational outcomes of the qualification.

Where imported units are selected, care must be taken to ensure that all prerequisite units specified are complied with.

The following imported unit has a prerequisite unit:

add topic PUAFIR216 Undertake hover-exit operations from helicopter.

Core units

add topic AVIF0001

Apply aircraft safety procedures

add topic AVIF2014

Undertake aircraft underwater escape and survival

add topic AVIF2020

Employ fatigue risk management practices in an aviation workplace

add topic AVIF3005

Maintain the safety of people and aircraft

add topic AVIF3006

Respond to abnormal and emergency situations in an aircraft

add topic AVIW3024

Perform wireman duties

add topic AVIW3025

Complete aircraft and flight equipment pre- and post-flight actions

add topic AVIZ1005

Maintain basic situational awareness in an aviation workplace

General elective units

add topic AVIE0001

Operate aeronautical radio

add topic AVIE4001

Maintain aircraft radio communications

add topic AVIF0002

Provide first aid in an aviation environment

add topic AVIF0014

Manage human factors in aviation operations

add topic AVIF3016

Marshal aircraft

add topic AVIW2030

Be airborne extracted by suspended rope

add topic AVIW2031

Be airborne extracted using suspended extraction equipment

add topic AVIW2032

Fast rope from a helicopter

add topic AVIW2033

Rappel from a helicopter

add topic AVIW3006

Refuel aircraft

add topic AVIW3026

Conduct night vision imaging system operations

add topic AVIW3027

Deliver pyrotechnics and handheld stores

add topic AVIW4028

Manage aircraft sensor systems

add topic AVIY3052

Conduct helicopter landing site and unprepared helicopter landing site operations

add topic AVIY4051

Conduct external load-lift operations

add topic AVIY4054

Conduct hoisting operations

add topic HLTAID007

Provide advanced resuscitation

add topic PUAAMS002B

Search as a member of an air search team

add topic PUAFIR209B

Work safely around aircraft

add topic PUAFIR216

Undertake hover-exit operations from helicopter

add topic TLIA1001

Secure cargo

add topic TLIO1002

Follow security procedures when working with passengers and personnel

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.