A total of 21 units of competency comprising:

9 core units listed below plus

12 general elective units from the general elective units listed below. The general elective units must contribute to the vocational outcomes of the qualification.

Where imported units are selected, care must be taken to ensure that all prerequisite units specified are complied with.

The following imported unit has a prerequisite unit:

add topic SITTTSL312 Construct advanced international airfares.

Core units

add topic AVIF0001

Apply aircraft safety procedures

add topic AVIF0012

Apply aviation work health and safety procedures

add topic AVIF2010

Implement regulations and policies during aviation safety and service operations

add topic AVIG2002

Work effectively in the aviation industry

add topic AVIJ2001

Contribute to the achievement of on-time performance standards

add topic AVIZ2050

Maintain security awareness and vigilance in an aviation workplace

add topic TLIE3004

Prepare workplace documents

add topic TLIJ3002

Apply quality systems

add topic TLIO3007

Undertake emergency response action to a security threat

General elective units

add topic AVID0001

Package dangerous goods for air transport

add topic AVID0002

Conduct baggage handling operations

add topic AVID2001

Accept dangerous goods for air transport

add topic AVIE0001

Operate aeronautical radio

add topic AVIF0003

Manage human factors in flight dispatch operations

add topic AVIF0014

Manage human factors in aviation operations

add topic AVIF3016

Marshal aircraft

add topic AVIH0003

Manage aircraft performance and load

add topic AVIH0004

Implement instrument flight rules planning procedures

add topic AVII0001

Advise on major services and attractions at aviation destinations

add topic AVII0002

Provide quality customer service

add topic AVII2007

Check in aircraft passengers

add topic AVII2008

Provide assistance to transit and arriving passengers

add topic AVIL2001

Manage a check-in queue

add topic AVIL3002

Complete aircraft dispatch duties

add topic AVIL3003

Plan an aircraft load

add topic AVIO0002

Manage disruptive behaviour and unlawful interference with aviation

add topic AVIO2015

Apply and monitor aviation workplace security procedures

add topic AVIR3001

Service customer airline contracts

add topic AVIW2002

Operate an aerobridge

add topic AVIW2010

Operate baggage tug

add topic AVIW2029

Operate aircraft refuelling nozzle

add topic AVIW3003

Operate aircraft embarkation and disembarkation equipment

add topic AVIW3004

Operate ramp equipment

add topic AVIW3005

Operate aircraft push-out tug

add topic AVIW3006

Refuel aircraft

add topic AVIW3011

Defuel aircraft

add topic AVIW3021

Coordinate aircraft ground operations

add topic AVIW4034

Supervise aircraft refuelling

add topic AVIY0010

Apply aeronautical knowledge and civil air law to flight dispatch operations

add topic AVIY0012

Monitor flight performance

add topic BSBCUS301

Deliver and monitor a service to customers

add topic BSBFLM303

Contribute to effective workplace relationships

add topic BSBFLM305

Support operational plan

add topic BSBFLM306

Provide workplace information and resourcing plans

add topic BSBFLM312

Contribute to team effectiveness

add topic HLTAID003

Provide first aid

add topic SITTTSL305

Process reservations

add topic SITTTSL307

Process travel-related documentation

add topic SITTTSL308

Use a computerised reservations or operations system

add topic SITTTSL309

Source airfares for domestic flights

add topic SITTTSL310

Construct normal international airfares

add topic SITTTSL311

Construct promotional international airfares

add topic SITTTSL312

Construct advanced international airfares

add topic TLIA3008

Transfer cargo

add topic TLIA3015

Complete receival/despatch documentation

add topic TLIC3004

Drive heavy rigid vehicle

add topic TLIC3005

Drive heavy combination vehicle

add topic TLIC3042

Drive coach/bus

add topic TLIC3063

Operate vehicle carrying special loads

add topic TLID3015

Identify and label explosives and dangerous goods

add topic TLIE3002

Estimate/calculate mass, area and quantify dimensions

add topic TLIE3012

Consolidate manifest documentation

add topic TLIE3018

Maintain freight records

add topic TLIG3002

Lead a work team or group

add topic TLIK2010

Use infotechnology devices in the workplace

add topic TLIP3034

Advise on and construct fares for customers

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.