A total of 13 units of competency comprising:

12 core units listed below plus

1 specialist elective unit from the specialist elective units listed below. The specialist elective unit must contribute to the vocational outcomes of the qualification.

Core units

add topic AVIF0007

Implement threat and error management strategies

add topic AVIF0008

Manage safe flight operations

add topic AVIH0005

Plan a flight under instrument flight rules

add topic AVIH5017

Navigate aircraft under instrument flight rules

add topic AVIW5018

Operate and manage aircraft systems

add topic AVIY0001

Operate aircraft using aircraft flight instruments

add topic AVIY0013

Conduct a 2D instrument approach

add topic AVIY0022

Perform instrument arrival and standard arrival route procedures

add topic AVIY5024

Operate aircraft in the traffic pattern at night

add topic AVIY5027

Perform non published instrument departure procedures

add topic AVIY5028

Perform published instrument departure procedures

add topic AVIY5033

Perform visual circling approach

Specialist elective units

add topic AVIY0014

Conduct a 3D instrument approach

add topic AVIY5023

Operate a multi-engine aeroplane

add topic AVIY5034

Conduct a 2D non-directional beacon instrument approach

add topic AVIY5035

Conduct a 2D very high frequency omni-directional radio range instrument approach

add topic AVIY5036

Conduct a 3D instrument landing system instrument approach

add topic AVIY5037

Conduct a 2D distance measuring equipment global navigation satellite system instrument approach

add topic AVIY5038

Conduct a 2D global navigation satellite system non-precision instrument approach

add topic AVIY5065

Operate a multi-engine helicopter

Entry Requirements

Commercial or military pilot entrants to this qualification should check requirements with CASA or Defence Aviation for certification and/or flight hour requirements.