To achieve this qualification, competency must be demonstrated in:

17 units of competency:

5 core units

12 elective units.

The elective units must ensure the integrity of the AQF alignment and contribute to a valid, industry-supported vocational outcome and are to be chosen as follows:

4 units from Group A up to 2 of these 4 units may instead be chosen from the Group A elective units listed in add topic CPP40916 Certificate IV in Waste Management

8 units may be chosen from Group A or Group B up to 2 of these 8 units may be chosen from other Certificate II, Certificate III or Certificate IV qualifications in CPP, or another current Training Package or accredited course, provided they do not duplicate the outcome of another unit chosen for the qualification.

Core units

add topic CPPCMN3001

Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

add topic CPPCMN3004

Respond to enquiries and complaints

add topic CPPWMT3041

Identify waste management operational requirements

add topic CPPWMT3044

Identify wastes and hazards

add topic CPPWMT3064

Contribute to workplace safety in waste management

Elective units

Group A Operations

add topic BSBDIV301

Work effectively with diversity

add topic BSBFLM306

Provide workplace information and resourcing plans

add topic BSBRKG304

Maintain business records

add topic BSBWOR301

Organise personal work priorities and development

add topic CPPWMT3005

Identify and segregate waste

add topic CPPWMT3011

Respond to waste emergencies

add topic CPPWMT3013

Receive waste

add topic CPPWMT3014

Manually sort waste

add topic CPPWMT3015

Move waste using loadshifting equipment

add topic CPPWMT3016

Operate waste processing plant

add topic CPPWMT3017

Store waste

add topic CPPWMT3018

Dispatch processed waste

add topic CPPWMT3019

Prepare waste for reuse

add topic CPPWMT3020

Place and compact waste

add topic CPPWMT3021

Cover waste

add topic CPPWMT3023

Maintain waste disposal sites

add topic CPPWMT3025

Monitor contained waste

add topic CPPWMT3038

Process waste

add topic CPPWMT3042

Follow environmental policies and procedures when transporting waste

add topic CPPWMT3046

Conduct resource recovery operations

add topic CPPWMT3051

Dispose of waste water to sewers

add topic CPPWMT3059

Plan and conduct waste assessments

add topic CPPWMT3063

Apply safe operational practices when vehicles contact overhead wires

Group B Common

add topic AHCCOM302A

Dispatch materials and composted product

add topic AHCCOM401A

Develop a composting recipe

add topic AHCPHT307A

Prepare raw materials and compost the feedstocks

add topic AHCPHT308A

Prepare value added compost-based products

add topic BSBCUS301

Deliver and monitor a service to customers

add topic BSBFIA301

Maintain financial records

add topic BSBFIA302

Process payroll

add topic BSBFIA303

Process accounts payable and receivable

add topic BSBFIA304

Maintain a general ledger

add topic BSBFLM303

Contribute to effective workplace relationships

add topic BSBFLM309

Support continuous improvement systems and processes

add topic BSBFLM312

Contribute to team effectiveness

add topic BSBINM301

Organise workplace information

add topic BSBINN201

Contribute to workplace innovation

add topic BSBITU306

Design and produce business documents

add topic BSBPRO301

Recommend products and services

add topic BSBWOR201

Manage personal stress in the workplace

add topic CPPWMT3054

Maintain credit control in waste management

add topic CPPWMT4055

Develop waste management proposals

add topic HLTAID003

Provide first aid

add topic HLTAID005

Provide first aid in remote situations

add topic RIIWHS205D

Control traffic with stop-slow bat

add topic SIRXSLS304

Coordinate sales performance

add topic TLIB3006A

Carry out inspection of vehicles designed to carry special loads

add topic TLIC3004A

Drive heavy rigid vehicle

add topic TLIC3005A

Drive heavy combination vehicle

add topic TLIC4006A

Drive multi-combination vehicle

add topic TLID2003A

Handle dangerous goods/hazardous substances

add topic TLID3024A

Use specialised liquid bulk transfer equipment (gravity/pressurised)

add topic TLIF2010

Apply fatigue management strategies

add topic TLIF3013

Coordinate breakdowns and emergencies

add topic TLIH3002A

Plan and navigate routes

add topic TLILIC2016B

Licence to drive a heavy rigid vehicle

add topic TLILIC3017B

Licence to drive a heavy combination vehicle

add topic TLILIC3018B

Licence to drive a multi combination vehicle

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.