Advanced Diploma of Property Services (Asset and Facility Management)

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Packaging rules

To achieve this qualification, the candidate must demonstrate competency in:

15 units of competency:

7 Group A units

8 Group B units.

The Group A units are chosen as follows:

7 units from Group A

2 of the units may be chosen from:

Diploma of Property Services (Asset and Facility Management)

any Advanced Diploma qualification in CPP07 or another current Training Package.

The Group B elective units are chosen as follows:

8 units from Group B

2 of the units may be chosen from:

Diploma of Property Services (Asset and Facility Management)

any Advanced Diploma qualification in CPP07 or another current Training Package or state accredited course, provided the integrity of the AQF alignment is ensured, and they contribute to a valid, industry-supported vocational outcome.

Group A Common units

add topic BSBINM601A

Manage knowledge and information

add topic BSBMGT605B

Provide leadership across the organisation

add topic BSBMGT608B

Manage innovation and continuous improvement

add topic BSBMGT616A

Develop and implement strategic plans

add topic BSBMGT617A

Develop and implement a business plan

add topic BSBRSK501A

Manage risk

add topic BSBSUS501A

Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability

Group B Specialist units

Asset and facility management

add topic CPPDSM6004A

Determine performance of assets and facilities

add topic CPPDSM6006A

Develop facilities procurement system

add topic CPPDSM6007A

Develop life cycle asset management plan

add topic CPPDSM6008A

Develop strategic facilities management plan

add topic CPPDSM6009A

Manage facilities portfolio

add topic CPPDSM6013A

Prepare project design brief and documentation in the property industry


add topic CPPDSM6001A

Determine viability of regeneration options in the property industry

add topic CPPDSM6002A

Conduct a property investment feasibility study

add topic CPPDSM6003A

Contract to invest in property

add topic CPPDSM6005A

Develop a property investment strategy

add topic CPPDSM6010A

Manage performance of property investment

add topic CPPDSM6011A

Negotiate partnership arrangements in the property industry

add topic CPPDSM6012A

Plan property portfolio management


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Entry Requirements

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Licensing Information

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Employability Skills

Employability Skills Qualification Summary

Employability Skill

Industry/enterprise requirements for this qualification include:


apply literacy skills to interpret written and oral information, complete documentation, report findings, access and interpret relevant information, evaluate performance of assets and facilities and prepare advice and recommendations

apply communication skills to include relevant people in the planning process, discuss issues that may impact on others and receive feedback

apply literacy skills to access and interpret relevant information and prepare required documentation and information for those involved in portfolio management activities

communicate to clarify ideas and perspectives

communicate to negotiate client requirements and consult with industry experts and others

document and implement strategies to improve portfolio management system

evaluate portfolio in consultation with relevant people using appropriate communication strategies

report on property portfolio management activities to relevant people

use technical skills to develop reports


apply interpersonal skills to obtain feedback that enables a review and evaluation of plan and to relate to people from a range of social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds and varying physical and mental abilities

define and document roles and responsibilities associated with implementation of portfolio management plan

identify and explain to relevant people variations between performance expectations and actual performance according to organisational procedures

ensure that roles and responsibilities associated with implementation of facilities management plan are clearly defined and documented

Problem solving

apply problem solving skills to identify potential barriers to implementation of the plan and establish contingencies

apply sound reasoning to ensure consistency of interpretations based on available and reliable information

prepare evaluation results in required format, style and structure for dissemination to relevant people

review evaluation results and recommendations for modification of plan and incorporate corrective actions as required into facilities management plan

use reliable evaluation methods to make efficient use of time and resources

use problem solving skills to anticipate factors that may affect asset regeneration and to assess risk

Initiative and enterprise

apply analytical skills to interpret documentation, evaluate plan, analyse risk and estimate costings and budget needs

analyse relevant industry benchmarks to assess expected performance of assets in varying market conditions

analyse economic trends and market developments in terms of potential implications and impact on regeneration objectives

analyse and determine regeneration options for property and assets

establish systematic review processes and use suitable evaluation methods to evaluate facilities management plan outcomes

identify and address situations requiring specialist advice

undertake life cycle analysis and plan capital investment strategies

research and evaluate to source asset management information and resource requirements

research, analyse and interpret property investment documentation and identify relevant sources of information

use research skills to collect reliable and valid information and match forecasting models and techniques with specific asset or facility requirements

Planning and organising

apply technical skills to design facilities or asset management plan, schedule tasks and report outcomes

apply organisational skills to schedule and meet time lines and client requirements, assess risk, and plan management requirements and resource use

determine and confirm portfolio reporting requirements in consultation with client

monitor and report arrangements for asset management activities

prepare a detailed budget outlining resource requirements to support asset management activities

provide advice and recommendations on a preferred regeneration option using client feedback within agreed timeframes

review information to ensure accuracy and prepare a detailed budget

use technical skills to formulate and present an asset management plan

use organising processes to formulate, review and evaluate an asset management strategy


identify and address situations requiring specialist advice

develop key performance criteria for measuring the achievement of objectives and strategies and incorporate into asset management plan

follow organisational and professional procedures, ethical practices and business standards

identify limitations of work role, responsibility and professional abilities

interpret and comply with applicable industry, organisational and legislative requirements

interpret and apply applicable legal, ethical and organisational requirements

review constructive feedback and make adjustments to portfolio management plan as required


apply knowledge of organisation's practices, ethical standards and legislative requirements associated with monitoring the ongoing performance of an asset or facility portfolio

apply knowledge of organisation's practices, ethical standards and legislative requirements associated with developing and implementing facilities management plans


apply computing skills to access the internet and web pages, prepare and complete online forms, lodge electronic documents and search online databases

apply technical skills to use software for planning and scheduling tasks, use financial and assessment software and spreadsheets efficiently, and access market information

use business equipment and technology to present advice and recommendations in appropriate format, style and structure

Due to the high proportion of electives required by this qualification, the industry/enterprise requirements described above for each Employability Skill are representative of the property industry in general and may not reflect specific job roles. Learning and assessment strategies for this qualification should be based on the requirements of the units of competency for this qualification.

This table is a summary of Employability Skills that are typical of this qualification and should not be interpreted as definitive.