Certificate III in Library-Information Services

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Core Units

Complete 9 core units:

add topic CULLB001B Develop and apply knowledge of the library/information services industry

add topic CULLB203C Develop and use information literacy skills

add topic CULLB205C Process and maintain information resources

add topic CULLB206C Assist with circulation services

add topic CULLB302C Use cataloguing tools

add topic CULLB307C Use multimedia

add topic BSBCMN205A Use business technology

add topic CUECOR03B Provide quality service to customers

add topic CUFSAF01B Follow health, safety and security procedures

Elective Units

Complete 3 other units with at least 1 from one or more of the following areas of the CUL04 Museum and Library/Information Services Training Package:

Information Organisation and Management

Library Customer Service

Public Programs

Information and Computer Technology


Remaining units may be selected from any relevant endorsed Training Package.

Appendix A provides guidance on suitable packaging levels for all Units of Competency. The total package of units must meet the requirements of the Australian Qualifications Framework Descriptor for a Certificate III. In all cases selection of electives must be guided by the job outcome sought, local industry requirements and the level of the qualification.

Notes on Certificate III in Library/Information Services

This qualification is designed to reflect the role of individuals who work in libraries/ information services and who perform a range of skilled tasks using discretion and judgement, and who have the ability to select, adapt and transfer skills to different situations. Individuals may specialise in one area, such as customer service or be multi-skilled.

The workplace context for this qualification will vary, and this context must guide the selection of elective units. An example of appropriate units for a particular job at this level follows.

Library Assistant

add topic CULLB004B Process information resource orders

add topic CULLB401C Assist customers to access information

add topic CUECOR04B Deal with conflict and resolve complaints


    Not applicable.

Entry Requirements

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Licensing Information

Not applicable.

Employability Skills

Employability Skills Summary

CUL30104 Certificate III in Library/Information Services

The following table contains a summary of the Employability Skills required for a library assistant. The Employability Skills facets described here are broad industry requirements that may vary depending on qualification packaging options.

Employability Skill

Industry requirements for this qualification include:


interpreting and completing workplace documentation

passing on key safety information to colleagues

responding to customer enquiries and providing advice and assistance


checking safety procedures with other team members

working with others in a library or information service environment

Problem Solving

dealing with non-availability of resources

handling unusual information requests

identifying and correcting minor faults with multimedia equipment

identifying safety issues and reporting them to appropriate person

resolving complaints and referring complaints on to the appropriate person if necessary

Initiative and Enterprise

responding creatively to customer enquiries and/or complaints

Planning and Organising

ensuring that resources are correctly placed on shelves

gathering information on multimedia options to inform decisions about purchasing equipment

monitoring resources

organising work tasks to ensure safety

processing information resource orders

prioritising arrangement of new resources

working out the most appropriate way to deal with a dispute or complaint


following workplace procedures, particularly in relation to OHS

maintaining personal safety standards

taking responsibility within limits of job role


keeping up-to-date with industry developments

showing customers how to use information services e.g. electronic catalogues


using electronic information management and cataloguing tools

using multimedia equipment/programs

using the internet for research