Certificate II in Opal Cutting and Polishing

This qualification reflects entry-level skills in cutting and polishing opals. It is aimed at a young person entering the industry sector or the miner wanting hands-on skills in opal cutting and polishing. The qualification provides a pathway, which can subsequently be built on to achieve a range of high level outcomes in the industry.


Total number of units = 9

6 core units plus

3 elective units

The elective units consist of:

1 unit from the elective list below

of the remaining 2 units:

up to 2 may be from the list of elective units below

up to 2 may be from Certificate II in any currently endorsed Training Package

1 may be from a Certificate I or III in any currently endorsed Training Package

1 may be from an accredited course at Certificate I, II or III.

The elective units chosen must be relevant to the work outcome and meet local industry needs.

Core units

add topic BSBOHS201A Participate in OHS processes

add topic CUECOR02C Work with others

add topic CUVOPA201A Identify and assess opal

add topic CUVOPA202A Handle and store rough and cut opal

add topic CUVOPA203A Complete pre-cutting processes for solid opals

add topic CUVOPA204A Cut and polish solid opals

Elective units


add topic BSBDES201A Follow a design process

add topic BSBDES202A Evaluate the nature of design in a specific industry context

Financial administration

add topic BSBFIA301A Maintain financial records

Information technology

add topic BSBITU101A Operate a personal computer

add topic BSBITU102A Develop keyboard skills

add topic BSBITU201A Produce simple word processed documents

add topic BSBITU203A Communicate electronically

Micro business

add topic BSBSMB201A Identify suitability for micro business

Opal cutting and polishing

add topic CUVOPA205A Complete pre-cutting processes for opal doublets and triplets

add topic CUVOPA206A Cut and polish opal doublets and triplets

add topic CUVOPA405A Obtain opal

add topic CUVOPA408A Undertake routine operational maintenance of machinery


add topic SIRXSLS001A Sell products and services


add topic BSBSUS201A Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

Selecting electives for different outcomes

The following examples are designed to assist in the selection of appropriate electives for particular outcomes at this level, but are in no way prescriptive.

Assistant in an opal cutting and polishing workshop

Core units plus:

add topic CUVOPA405A Obtain opal

add topic CUVOPA408A Undertake routine operational maintenance of machinery

add topic SIRXSLS001A Sell products and services


    Pathways into the qualification

    People may enter this qualification with little or no vocational experience and without a lower level qualification.

    Pathways from the qualification

    This qualification prepares people for entry-level roles in the opal industry.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.

Licensing Information

No licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of endorsement.

Employability Skills

The following table contains a summary of the employability skills as identified by the visual arts, craft and design industries for this qualification. The employability skills facets described here are broad industry requirements that may vary depending on qualification packaging options.

Employability skill

Industry/enterprise requirements for this qualification


passing on key safety information to colleagues

sharing information with others

discussing opal buying preferences with colleagues and others in the industry


checking safety procedures with other team members

working collaboratively with other team members

acknowledging the strengths of other team members


identifying safety issues and reporting them to appropriate person

identifying possible conflicts with team members and suggesting ways of dealing with them

identifying whether a sample is genuine natural opal or a simulated opal

identifying and rectifying equipment faults that do not require specialist attention

Initiative and enterprise

determining where to cut stones to maximise value and artistic effect

Planning and organising

identifying risk factors and taking action to minimise risk

organising work tasks to ensure safety

maintaining stock control and other workplace records

weighing opals to determine yield

planning and executing the process of cutting and polishing opals

planning and performing routine maintenance of equipment


following workplace procedures, particularly in relation to OHS

maintaining personal safety standards

taking responsibility within scope of job role

managing own time to meet deadlines


seeking assistance and advice from others to improve one’s own skills and knowledge

seeking assistance and expert advice from equipment manufacturers


using security systems

using cameras and scanning equipment

using electronic stock control systems

using the internet for research

using equipment and tools to cut and polish opals