12 units of competency are required for this qualification:

3 core units

9 elective units

Choose a minimum of 7 electives from the list below, of which at least 4 must be taken from Group A.

No more than 1 HLTAID unit from this list can be used for this qualification.

Choose the remaining 2 electives from the list below or from elsewhere within this training package, or from another endorsed training package, or from an accredited course.

All elective units selected from outside this qualification must reflect the occupational and learning outcomes of this AQF qualification level. Seek further advice on selecting imported units of competency in the DEF Implementation Guide.

Elective units selected must not duplicate content already covered by other units in this qualification.

Core units

add topic DEFEXO001

Work safely with explosive ordnance

add topic BSBWHS201

Contribute to health and safety of self and others

add topic TLID1001A

Shift materials safely using manual handling methods

Group A: Specialisation units

add topic DEFEXO015

Follow security procedures

add topic DEFEXO003

Establish and maintain the safety and security of explosive ordnance warehouses and workshops

add topic DEFEXO004

Examine and certify free from explosives

add topic DEFEXO005

Package explosives

add topic DEFEXO006

Unpackage explosives

add topic DEFEXO007

Monitor explosive ordnance environmental conditions

add topic DEFEXO013

Conduct external explosive ordnance maintenance

add topic DEFEXO010

Conduct explosives packaging inspection

add topic DEFEXO012

Conduct electrical/electronic circuitry tests

add topic DEFEXO011

Refurbish explosives packaging

add topic DEFEXO014

Gauge explosives

add topic DEFWHS010

Identify confined space

add topic DEFWHS011

Enter confined space

add topic TLID2012A

Operate specialised load shifting equipment

add topic TLIF2012A

Apply safe procedures when handling/transporting dangerous goods or explosives

add topic TLIF1002B

Conduct housekeeping activities

Group B: General elective units

add topic HLTAID002

Provide basic emergency life support

add topic HLTAID003

Provide first aid

add topic DEFMIL089

Shift loads manually utilising non-motorised equipment

add topic DEFEXO002

Respond to fire

add topic BSBSUS201A

Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

add topic MSS402010A

Manage the impact of change on own work

add topic MSS402001A

Apply competitive systems and practices

add topic MSS402002A

Sustain process improvements

add topic MSS402031A

Interpret product costs in terms of customer requirements

add topic MSS402050A

Monitor process capability

add topic MSS402051A

Apply quality standards

add topic MSACMT270A

Use sustainable energy practices

add topic MSAENV272B

Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

add topic MSS402080A

Undertake root cause analysis

add topic MSAPCII295A

Operate manufacturing equipment

add topic MSAPCII297A

Make an object from cloth using an existing pattern

add topic MSAPCII298A

Make an object from metal

add topic MSAPMSUP102A

Communicate in the workplace

add topic MSAPMSUP210A

Process and record information

add topic MSAPMSUP240A

Undertake minor maintenance

add topic MSAPMSUP292A

Sample and test materials and product

add topic PMAOPS101C

Read dials and indicators

add topic PMAOPS105C

Select and prepare materials

add topic PMAOPS201B

Operate fluid flow equipment

add topic PMAOPS204B

Use utilities and services

add topic PMAOPS205B

Operate heat exchangers

add topic PMAOPS216B

Operate local control system

add topic PMAOPS222B

Operate and monitor pumping systems and equipment

add topic PUAWER004B

Respond to workplace emergencies

add topic TLIA2011A

Package goods

add topic TLID2010A

Operate a forklift