12 units of competency are required for this qualification comprising:

5 core units listed below plus

7 elective units.

Choose a minimum of 5 elective units from the elective unit list below.

Choose the remaining 2 elective units from the elective unit list below or from elsewhere within this training package, or from another endorsed training package, or from an accredited course.

All elective units chosen from outside this qualification must support the learning outcomes of this AQF qualification level.

Elective units selected must not duplicate content already covered by other units in this qualification.

Where imported units are selected, care must be taken to ensure that all prerequisite units specified are complied with.

Core units

add topic DEFPBC001

Employ the fundamentals of a Performance Based Contract

add topic DEFPBC002

Establish the basis of a Performance Based Contract

add topic DEFPBC003

Establish a Performance Based Contract performance measures hierarchy

add topic DEFPBC004

Establish the contract details of a Performance Based Contract

add topic DEFPBC005

Operate a Performance Based Contract

General elective units

add topic BSBITU402

Develop and use complex spreadsheets

add topic BSBMGT403

Implement continuous improvement

add topic BSBPMG416

Apply project procurement procedures

add topic BSBPMG418

Apply project stakeholder engagement techniques

add topic BSBPMG519

Manage project stakeholder engagement

add topic BSBPUR402

Negotiate contracts

add topic DEFGEN005

Develop relationships with other organisations

add topic FNSASIC301

Establish client relationship and analyse needs

add topic FNSCUS402

Resolve disputes

add topic MEM15002A

Apply quality systems

add topic PSPGEN024

Use resources to achieve work unit goals

add topic PSPGEN027

Gather and analyse information

add topic PSPGEN039

Develop internal and external networks

add topic PSPGEN033

Use advanced workplace communication strategies

add topic PSPGEN034

Compose complex workplace documents

add topic PSPGEN038

Identify and treat risks

add topic PSPGEN039

Develop internal and external networks

add topic PSPGEN049

Undertake negotiations

add topic PSPPCM004

Plan procurement

add topic PSPPCM005

Develop and distribute requests for offers

add topic PSPPCM006

Select providers and develop contracts

add topic PSPPCM007

Manage contracts

add topic PSPPCM008

Manage contract performance

add topic PSPPCM011

Plan to manage a contract

add topic PSPPCM012

Plan for procurement outcomes

add topic PUAMAN004B

Manage procurement

add topic SISXMGT001

Develop and maintain stakeholder relationships

add topic TLIR4001

Monitor supplier performance

add topic TLIX4016

Implement and monitor materiel sustainment plans

add topic TLIX4028

Apply knowledge of logistics