Certificate IV in Explosive Ordnance Manufacture

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18 units of competency are required for this qualification including:

4 core units

14 elective units

Choose a minimum of 12 elective units from the Group A (Specialisation) and Group B (General) lists below, of which 7 units must be from Group A.

Choose the remaining 2 elective units from either the elective lists below, or elsewhere within this training package, or another endorsed training package, or accredited course.

Where a pre-requisite unit is attached to an elective unit it is identified by this symbol .

The pre-requisite units attached to any of the elective units must be undertaken and are additional to the number of elective units required for the qualification.

The elective units should be selected from the units that most closely align to an individuals occupational outcomes. Electives selected must not duplicate outcomes of other units.

Elective units selected must not duplicate content already covered by other units in this qualification.


Core Units

add topic DEFEO101D

Work safely with explosive ordnance

add topic BSBOHS407A

Monitor a safe workplace

add topic MSAPMOHS210B

Undertake first response to non-fire incidents

add topic TLID1001A

Shift materials safely using manual handling methods


Group A Elective Units (Specialisation)

add topic DEFEO209C

Control explosive ordnance engineering and logistics processes

add topic DEFEO211D

Apply a knowledge of explosive ordnance

add topic DEFEO212C

License explosive ordnance facilities and potential explosive sites

add topic DEFEO505D

Breakdown explosive ordnance

add topic DEFEO511D

Maintain grenades

add topic DEFEO512D

Maintain mortar ammunition

add topic DEFEO513D

Maintain actuating devices

add topic DEFEO514D

Maintain pyrotechnics and countermeasures

add topic DEFEO515D

Maintain guided weapons

add topic DEFEO516D

Maintain free flight rockets

add topic DEFEO517D

Maintain gun ammunition

add topic DEFEO518D

Maintain aerial delivered ordnance

add topic DEFEO519D

Maintain mines

add topic DEFEO520D

Maintain demolition stores

add topic DEFEO601D

Assess explosive ordnance firings

add topic DEFEO602C

Plan explosive ordnance trials

add topic DEFEO603C

Conduct explosive ordnance trials

add topic DEFEO604C

Perform explosive tests, measurements and analyses

add topic DEFEO605D

Conduct explosive ordnance firings

add topic BSBWOR404B

Develop work priorities

add topic MSAPMOPS400A

Optimise process/plant area

add topic MSAPMSUP390A Use structured problem solving tools

add topic MSAPMOPS401A

Trial new process or product

add topic PMAOPS410B

Monitor remote production facilities

add topic PMAOPS411B

Manage plant shutdown and restart

add topic PMASUP440B

Commission/recommission plant

add topic TLIF4007A

Implement and coordinate accident-emergency procedures


Group B Elective Units (General)

add topic DEFEO201C

Respond to fire

add topic DEFEO202D

Establish and maintain the safety and security of explosive ordnance warehouses and workshops

add topic DEFEO203C

Dispose of non-explosive dangerous goods

add topic DEFEO206C

Apply a knowledge of the service environment

add topic DEFEO207C

Inspect explosive ordnance facilities

add topic DEFEO208C

Supervise explosive ordnance engineering and logistics processes

add topic DEFEO506D

Fuze and defuze explosive ordnance

add topic DEFEO507D

Assemble and disassemble explosive components

add topic DEFEO509D

Perform purging

add topic DEFRI001B

Treat risk within Defence at an operational level

add topic DEFRI002B

Conduct risk assessment in a Defence environment

add topic BSBSUS301A

Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

add topic BSBWOR402A

Promote team effectiveness

add topic MSACMC411A

Lead a competitive manufacturing team

add topic MSACMT460A

Facilitate the use of planning software systems in manufacturing

add topic MSACMT260A Use planning software systems in manufacturing

add topic MSACMT461A

Facilitate SCADA systems in manufacturing team or work area

add topic MSACMT261A Use SCADA systems in manufacturing

add topic MSS402060A

Use planning software systems in manufacturing

add topic MSS403001A

Implement competitive systems and practices

add topic MSACMS401A

Ensure process improvements are sustained

add topic MSS403005A

Facilitate use of a Balanced Scorecard for performance improvement

add topic MSS403010A

Facilitate change in an organisation implementing competitive systems and practices

add topic MSS403051A

Mistake proof a production process

add topic MSS404050A

Undertake process capability improvements

add topic MSS404052A Apply statistics to processes in manufacturing

add topic MSS404052A

Apply statistics to processes in manufacturing

add topic MSS404081A

Undertake proactive maintenance analyses

add topic MSS404082A

Assist in implementing a proactive maintenance strategy


Establish context for emergency risk assessment


Assess emergency risk

PUAEMR022 Establish context for emergency risk assessment


Develop treatment options for emergency risk


Manage risk treatment implementation

PUAEMR024 Develop treatment options for emergency risk


Treat operational risk

PUAEMR027 Assess operational risk


Assess operational risk

add topic TLIB3006A

Carry out inspection of vehicles designed to carry special loads

add topic TLIC3063A

Operate vehicle carry special loads

add topic TLID2016A

Load and unload explosives and dangerous goods

add topic TLID3015A

Identify and label explosives and dangerous goods


    Not applicable.

Entry Requirements

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Licensing Information

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Employability Skills

Employability Skills are part of a unit of competency.

Employability Skills statements from a selection of units of competency from the DEF41912 Certificate IV in Explosive Ordnance Manufacture have been reproduced in the table below.

This table provides an example of Employability Skills for the qualification because Employability Skills within a qualification will vary depending on the qualification packaging options.

Defence qualifications have core units (which must be achieved) and elective units (where there is a choice of units which must be achieved) so different Employability Skills Summaries are possible within the one qualification, depending on the package of core units and chosen elective units.

Employability Skill

Employability Skills Statement


access and clarify safety procedures and instructions

access, read, interpret and apply information on safety

conduct liaison with supervisors, suppliers, clients and superiors as required

follow instructions/directives and report information

identify and note organisation incident and injury statistics

identify and/or acquire documentation and licensing limitations

identify and recognise hazardous materials labels and characteristics, and apply relevant action/criteria

identify breaches in site safety and act on or report

obtain relevant authorisation before specialised and hazardous work is carried out

read to a level required to interpret job instructions, workplace forms and reports

use a variety of verbal and non-verbal communication techniques

write at the level required to complete workplace documentation and reports


apply knowledge and principles of teamwork, and team aims and objectives

encourage other team members

participate in a team

understand the composition of teams, and roles and responsibility of team members

use techniques for supporting others/team members

Problem solving

apply formulae to determine the net explosive quantity and compatibility for the facility

assess and apply compatibility

assess fire situation

demonstrate knowledge of explosive ordnance to assist in work and to guide problem solving

determine appropriate course of action under supervision

extinguish fires

take remedial action

Initiative and enterprise

initiate any remedial action required

observe and respond to changing circumstances and unusual situations

support others/team members

Planning and organising

apply occupational health and safety requirements relevant to explosive ordnance in accordance with the organisation requirements

determine processes to be performed, the resources required for their performance, the constraints imposed and any special requirements for their conduct

direct and brief coordinating and monitoring personnel

handle and move hazardous materials

identify and source materials required, and program delivery

identify resource shortfall and initiate measures for their sourcing

plan and prepare for licensing


apply independent decision making

apply personal safety measures

give and receive feedback in a constructive manner

meet work priorities

recognise and apply individual responsibilities regarding hazardous materials


access, interpret and rehearse procedures related to a fire emergency

learn about competencies required by the personnel involved in the performance of the process

learn about explosive ordnance processes to be performed and the activities within those explosive ordnance processes

learn about occupational health and safety requirements

learn about reporting requirements and procedures of the organisation


achieve a safe work environment when working with explosive ordnance

check equipment

identify location of firefighting equipment

use appropriate information technology and software

use equipment such as computers, digital cameras, laser range finders, global positioning systems