12 units of competency are required for this qualification:

6 core units

6 elective units

Choose a minimum of 4 elective units from the list below.

Choose the remaining 2 elective units from either the list below or from elsewhere within this training package, or from another endorsed training package, or from an accredited course.

All elective units selected from outside this qualification must reflect the occupational and learning outcomes of this AQF qualification level. Seek further advice on selecting imported units of competency in the DEF Implementation Guide.

Elective units selected must not duplicate content already covered by other units in this qualification.

Core units

add topic DEFRNG001

Provide technical advice on ranges and training areas

add topic DEFGEN011

Interpret policy, legislation and regulations

add topic DEFRNG003

Approve training area and range activities

add topic DEFRNG004

Monitor and control training area and range activities

add topic DEFRNG007

Conduct training area inspections

add topic DEFGEN005

Develop relationships with other organisations

Group A: Elective units

add topic DEFGEN010

Supervise equity and diversity in the workplace

add topic DEFGEN008

Treat risk within Defence at an operational level

add topic DEFGEN007

Conduct risk assessment in a Defence environment

add topic DEFRNG002

Develop and maintain range standing orders

add topic DEFRNG009

Supervise contractors

add topic BSBSUS301A

Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

add topic PSPPROC406B

Procure goods and services