Total number of units = 13

10 core units

3 elective units, consisting of:

at least 1 unit from the Business Management group below

up to 2 units from the electives listed below, any endorsed Training Package or accredited course these units must be relevant to the work outcome

All electives chosen must contribute to a valid, industry-supported vocational outcome.

Core units

add topic CHCCOM006

Establish and manage client relationships

add topic CHCDIV001

Work with diverse people

add topic CHCLEG003

Manage legal and ethical compliance

add topic HLTAAP002

Confirm physical health status

add topic HLTAID003

Provide first aid

add topic HLTINF004

Manage the prevention and control of infection

add topic HLTMSG001

Develop massage practice

add topic HLTMSG002

Assess client massage needs

add topic HLTMSG004

Provide massage treatments

add topic HLTWHS004

Manage work health and safety

Elective units

Business Management

add topic BSBSMB403

Market the small business

add topic BSBSMB404

Undertake small business planning

add topic BSBSMB405

Monitor and manage small business operations

add topic BSBSMB406

Manage small business finances

Other electives

add topic CHCAGE001

Facilitate the empowerment of older people

add topic CHCCCS001

Address the needs of people with chronic disease

add topic CHCCCS027

Visit client residence

add topic CHCDIS007

Facilitate the empowerment of people with disability

add topic CHCMHS001

Work with people with mental health issues

add topic CHCPRP003

Reflect on and improve own professional practice

add topic HLTARO001

Develop aromatherapy practice

add topic HLTARO002

Source and prepare aromatherapy products

add topic HLTREF002

Provide reflexology for relaxation