Certificate I in Information Technology


This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to function at a basic level of ICT competency in the contemporary information society. It will enable a person to undertake basic ICT functions using a personal computer and to engage in fundamental online activities. It could be described as 'the community standard in ICT literacy' and may be wholly or partially used as an access and equity program. Its objective is to enable people to acquire basic ICT knowledge and skills at a fundamental or foundation level.

This is a relatively 'small' qualification with 6 units required to be completed, 3 of which are core. Electives can be chosen from both ICA05 and to a limited extent from another package. The 3 core units form a 'natural cluster' which could be used for particular ICT literacy purposes including government ICT engagement programs, as a supplement to school curricula in middle to senior years or for adult and community education clients. In this form it may result in the issue of Statements of Attainment. It could also potentially form a relationship with base vendor certifications such as the International Computer Drivers Licence (ICDL).

Prerequisite Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements for this qualification. However, prerequisite arrangements for any non ICA05 elective units in this qualification should be checked with the originating Training Package.

Job Roles

The qualification provides for basic computer skills in the workplace and as such small to medium enterprises (SMEs) will find the contents of this qualification useful at a basic ICT user level. The contents of this qualification may also provide supplement existing roles in other industries where basic ICT skills have become necessary; for example in retailing where basic shop front computer usage is prevalent, in warehousing where automation of stock and inventory control has occurred or in manufacturing at shop floor level for monitoring metrics of team performance and processes.


Qualification Structure

To attain the Certificate I in Information Technology 6 units must be achieved:

3 core units; plus

3 elective units, 2 taken from Group A and 1 taken from Group B

Note: Units of competency add topic ICAU1130B , add topic ICAU1131B , add topic ICAU2005B (#) from the electives list below are recommended as electives where an effective pathway to a Certificate II in IT is required.

Core Units

add topic ICAU1128B Operate a personal computer

add topic ICAU1129B Operate a word processing application

add topic ICAU1133B Send and retrieve information using web browsers and email

2 Units from Group A electives

add topic BSBCMN106A Follow workplace safety procedures

add topic ICAI2015B Install software applications

add topic ICAS1193B Connect a workstation to the internet

add topic ICAS2008B Maintain inventories for equipment, software and documentation

add topic ICAS2014B Connect hardware peripherals

add topic ICAS2017B Maintain system integrity

add topic ICAS2243B Detect and protect from spam and destructive software

add topic ICAS2248A Protect and secure information assets

add topic ICAT1206B Check site security

add topic ICAU1130B Operate a spreadsheet application #

add topic ICAU1131B Operate a database application #

add topic ICAU1132B Operate a presentation package

add topic ICAU1204B Locate and use relevant on line information

add topic ICAU1211B Operate accounting applications

add topic ICAU1213B Conduct on line transactions

add topic ICAU1215B Use personal productivity tool

add topic ICAU2005B Operate computer hardware #

add topic ICAU2007B Maintain equipment and consumables

add topic ICAU2013B Integrate commercial computing packages

add topic ICAW2002B Communicate in the workplace

add topic ICAU2231B Use computer operating system

1 Unit from Group B electives

(Listed in Recommended Order)

ICA10105 Electives list above; or

elsewhere in ICA05 (at Certificate II); or

any other Training Package (at Certificate I or Certificate II); or

any accredited course.

Elective units chosen must be relevant to the work outcome, local industry requirements and the qualification level.

Subject lists

Certificate IV General - Core cluster
Units: BSBOHS302B, BSBSUS301A, ICAW2001B, ICAW2002B, ICAA4041C, ICAW4214B, ICAS5202B
Certificate IV General - Web cluster
Units: ICAB4135B, ICAB4171B, ICAS4201B, ICAU4207B, ICAB4225B, ICAB4137B
Certificate IV Networking - Programming cluster
Units: ICAB4225B, ICAB4220B


    Not Applicable

Entry Requirements

Not Applicable

Licensing Information

Not Applicable

Employability Skills

Employability skills summary

ICA10105 Certificate I in Information Technology

The following table contains a summary of the employability skills required for a Computer Data Entry Operator. The employability skills facets described here are broad industry requirements that may vary depending on qualification packaging options.

Employability Skill

Industry requirements for this qualification include:


communicating with peers and supervisors

reading and interpreting basic work place documents


submitting drafted work to appropriate people for approval or feedback

Problem Solving

using user manuals and help functions to solve problems when using computer applications

Initiative and Enterprise

customising basic computer settings to meet special needs

Planning and Organising

organising personal computer files

planning the format of documents and tables


adjusting the display of internet browsers to suit personal occupational health and safety requirements

researching the applying the principles of 'netiquette'


seeking assistance from people when using a personal computer


using personal computers and applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, databases and presentations