Certificate IV in Information Technology (Testing)


This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in a range of ICT positions directly related to testing either as an independent specialist or as part of a team. The qualification has a strong ICT core competency base with the potential for inclusion of a range of broader units through stream choice to suit particular needs.

This new ICA05 Certificate IV qualification has clustered and structured test units together with 'non-test' ICT units to form the first nationally recognised testing qualification in ICT. It also has validity as a more broad qualification (sharing a number of common core units with other Certificate IVs) but with a stronger testing emphasis than other qualifications.

Its development has highlighted the testing discipline more generally within the overall package. This potentially enables other ICA05 qualifications to pick up clusters of testing units from the specialist streams as part of a holistic or 'full delivery cycle' approach to ICT development.

The Applications stream of Certificate III provides one pathway to this qualification, while several Diploma qualifications may be the next step for a Certificate IV in IT (Testing) graduate.

There are 4 specialist streams in the qualification to provide flexibility in choice and focus while ensuring strong core competencies.





Job Roles

Industry requirements in respect of testing, tend to come from one of two perspectives: that testing is an inherent and integral part of all ICT roles within the full delivery cycle or that testing is a discipline in its own right. The latter perspective is more easily identified in the recruitment marketplace and is reflected below.

Possible job titles include:

Computer Systems Auditor

ICT Auditor

ICT Quality Management Specialist

ICT Quality Specialist

ICT Tester

IT Auditor

IT Tester

Quality Assurance Analyst

Quality Assurance Specialist

Quality Assurance Engineer

Software Design Engineer and Tester

Software QA Specialist

Software Tester

Systems Tester

Team Leader QA/Software testing

Test Analyst

Test Engineer


Testing Engineer

Web Tester

Prerequisite Requirements

A number of units within this qualification have prerequisites. These are detailed as follows:

Code and Title

Prerequisite units required

ICAB4220B Create scripts for networking

ICAB4225B Automate processes

ICAB4222B Apply introductory programming skills in another language

ICAB4225B Automate processes

ICAS4107B Manage resolution of system faults on a live system

ICAS3024B Provide basic system administration

ICAT3025B Run standard diagnostic tests

ICAT4221B Locate equipment, system and software faults

ICAS4109B Evaluate system status

ICAT3025B Run standard diagnostic tests

ICAT4186B Conduct operational acceptance tests of websites

ICAT4184B Ensure site usability for full range of users

ICAT4194B Ensure basic website security

ICAI3101B Install and manage network protocols

ICAT4195B Ensure dynamic website security

ICAI3020B Install and optimise operating system software

ICAT4194B Ensure basic website security #

# This unit has prerequisite requirements. Section 1.6 provides further details.


Qualification Structure

To attain the ICA40605 Certificate IV in Information Technology (Testing) 21 to 23 units must be achieved (depending upon the specialist stream selected):

12 common core units; plus

3 specialist core stream units - Software; or

5 specialist core stream units - Websites; or

4 specialist core stream units - Multimedia; or

4 specialist core stream units - Networking; plus

6 elective units

Achieve 12 Common Core Units

Common Core

add topic BSBCMN304A Contribute to personal skill development and learning

add topic ICAA4041C Determine and confirm client business expectations and needs

add topic ICAB4225B Automate processes

add topic ICAD4043B Develop and present a feasibility report

add topic ICAD4217B Create technical documentation

add topic ICAS4022B Determine and action client computing problems

add topic ICAT4221B Locate equipment, system and software faults

add topic ICAT4242B Perform unit test for a class

add topic ICAU4205B Select and employ software and hardware tools

add topic ICAW4027B Relate to clients on a business level

add topic ICAW4214B Maintain ethical conduct

add topic PSPPM402B Manage simple projects

Achieve all Core Units in 1 of the 4 Specialist Streams (Software, Websites, Multimedia, Networking) below

Specialist Core Stream -Software (3 Units)

add topic ICAA4058B Apply skills in object-oriented design

add topic ICAA4233B Determine and apply appropriate development methodologies

add topic ICAB4222B Apply introductory programming skills in another language

Specialist Core Stream - Websites (5 Units)

add topic ICAT4183B Confirm accessibility of website for people with special needs

add topic ICAT4185B Create a website testing procedure

add topic ICAT4186B Conduct operational acceptance tests of websites

add topic ICAT4194B Ensure basic website security

add topic ICAT4195B Ensure dynamic website security

Specialist Core Stream - Multimedia (4 Units)

add topic CUFDIG501A Coordinate the testing of interactive media products

add topic CUFMEM07A Apply principles of visual design and communication to the development of a multimedia product

add topic CUSADM08A Address copyright requirements

add topic CUFDIG201A Maintain interactive content

Specialist Core Stream - Networking (4 Units)

add topic ICAB4220B Create scripts for networking

add topic ICAS4107B Manage resolution of system faults on a live system

add topic ICAS4109B Evaluate system status

add topic ICAS4113C Identify and resolve common database performance problems

Achieve 3 Elective Units from the ICA40605 Testing Electives Units list below

Testing Electives

add topic ICAT4184B Ensure site usability for full range of users

add topic ICAT5077B Develop detailed test plan

add topic ICAT5079B Perform integration test

add topic ICAT5081B Perform systems test

add topic ICAT5082B Manage the testing process

add topic ICAT5083B Develop and conduct client acceptance test

add topic ICAT5084B Perform stress and load testing on integrated platform

Achieve 3 Elective Units from the Following Sources (Listed in Recommended Order)

other ICA40605 Specialist units not previously chosen (above); and/or

ICA40605 Testing Electives units list not previously chosen (above); and/or

ICA40605 General Electives units list below; and/or

elsewhere in the ICA05 Information and Communications Technology Training Package (at Certificate III [maximum of 2 units], Certificate IV or Diploma); and/or

any other Training Package (at Certificate IV or Diploma) based on documented industry or enterprise needs

General Electives

add topic BSBPMG508A Manage project risk

add topic ICAA4051B Develop client user interface

add topic ICAA5054C Validate quality and completeness of system design specifications

add topic ICAB4075B Use a library or pre-existing components

add topic ICAB4135B Create a simple mark-up language document to specification

add topic ICAB4136B Use structured query language to create database structures and manipulate data

add topic ICAB4137B Produce basic client side script for dynamic web pages

add topic ICAB4169B Use development software and IT tools to build a basic website

add topic ICAB4170B Build a database

add topic ICAB4178B Build a graphical user interface

add topic ICAB4219B Apply introductory object-oriented language skills

add topic ICAB4224B Apply mathematical techniques for software development

add topic ICAB5063B Monitor and support data conversion

add topic ICAB5074B Monitor the system pilot

add topic ICAB5228B Maintain functionality of legacy code programs

add topic ICAB5230B Maintain custom software

add topic ICAD4190B Maintain information standards

add topic ICAD4198B Develop guidelines for uploading information to a website

add topic ICAD5092B Update and document operational procedures

add topic ICAI4029C Install network hardware to a network

add topic ICAI4030B Install software to networked computers

add topic ICAI4097C Install and configure a network

add topic ICAI4188B Install and maintain a server

add topic ICAI4189B Ensure website content meets technical protocols and standards

add topic ICAI5152B Implement risk management processes

add topic ICAS4023B Provide one-to-one instruction

add topic ICAS4033B Assist with policy development for client support procedures

add topic ICAS4106B Action and complete change requests

add topic ICAS4108B Complete database back-up and recovery

add topic ICAS4112B Optimise system performance

add topic ICAS4114B Implement maintenance procedures

add topic ICAS4200B Monitor traffic and compile website traffic reports

add topic ICAS5105B Coordinate change requests

add topic ICAS5122C Identify and resolve network problems


    Not Applicable

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

The following units contain the basic fundamentals of ICT knowledge and skills for all qualifications at Certificate III in IT and above. These units or demonstrated equivalence are required for entry into this qualification:

BSBCMN106A Follow workplace safety procedures

ICAD2012B Design organisational documents using computing packages

ICAU1128B Operate a personal computer

ICAU2005B Operate computer hardware

ICAU2006B Operate computing packages

ICAU2013B Integrate commercial computing packages

ICAU2231B Use computer operating system

ICAW2001B Work effectively in an IT environment

ICAW2002B Communicate in the workplace

Licensing Information

Not Applicable

Employability Skills

Employability Skills Summary

ICA40605 Certificate IV in Information Technology (Testing)

The following table contains a summary of the Employability Skills required for a Software Tester. The Employability Skills facets described here are broad industry requirements that may vary depending on qualification packaging options.

Employability Skill

Industry requirements for this qualification include:


using plain English literacy communication skills in relation to analysis, evaluation and presentation of information, for example when conducting user acceptance testing


exchanging messages with other project members and actively participating in community activities

scheduling feedback meetings to discuss reports and possible next actions with stakeholders

Problem Solving

recording and investigating discrepancies and corrections of client acceptance tests according to the project procedures and timeframe

Initiative and Enterprise

transferring and applying theoretical concepts and/or technical or creative skills to a range of situations

Planning and Organising

effectively managing and administering the end to end testing process including test definition, execution and reporting

planning and conducting acceptance testing

planning for testing by collating documentation of conditions and expected results


taking responsibility for own outputs in relation to specified quality standards

working within the Australian Computer Society code of ethics regarding security, legal, moral and ethical issues


maintaining knowledge of tools and software applications and the goods and services provided

obtaining client evaluation and feedback

providing one-to-one instruction for clients and users


selecting and using software and hardware diagnostic tools, including for multimedia contexts and automated testing environments