Diploma of Digital Media Technologies

This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in designing, developing and refining digital media technologies as an independent ICT specialist or as part of a team. It provides the opportunity to work in new and emerging digital media technology areas, such as online, and interactive design and development, and with tools and equipment, such as software, Web 2 tools, technologies and mobile devices.

Job roles

Possible job titles relevant to this qualification include:

digital media designer

digital media developer

digital media developer/engineer

digital media authoring specialist

digital media producer.


Total number of units = 18

7 core units plus

11 elective units

The elective units consist of:

up to 11 from the elective units listed below

up to 3 from elsewhere in ICA11 or any other Training Package or accredited course at Diploma or Advanced Diploma level.

The elective units chosen must be relevant to the work outcome and meet local industry needs.

Core units

add topic BSBCRT501A Originate and develop concepts

add topic BSBOHS509A Ensure a safe workplace

add topic ICAGAM504A Manage interactive media production

add topic ICAICT418A Contribute to copyright, ethics and privacy in an IT environment

add topic ICAICT419A Work effectively in the digital media industry

add topic ICAICT515A Verify client business requirements

add topic ICAPMG501A Manage IT projects

Elective units

add topic CUFDIG502A Design web environments

add topic CUFDIG503A Design e-learning resources

add topic CUFDIG504A Design games

add topic CUFDIG507A Design digital simulations

add topic CUFPOS201A Perform basic vision and sound editing

add topic CUFPOS401A Edit screen content for fast turnaround

add topic CUSSOU302A Record and mix a basic music demo

add topic CUSSOU502A Produce sound recordings

add topic CUVPHI504A Investigate and exploit innovative imaging options

add topic ICADBS504A Integrate database with a website

add topic ICADMT501A Incorporate and edit digital video

add topic ICAGAM507A Develop intermediate 3-D software for games and interactive media

add topic ICAGAM511A Manage testing of games and interactive media

add topic ICAGAM512A Create and implement designs for a 3-D games environment

add topic ICAGAM514A Design and create models for a 3-D and digital effects environment

add topic ICAICT406A Build a graphical user interface

add topic ICAICT511A Match IT needs with the strategic direction of the enterprise

add topic ICAICT514A Identify and manage the implementation of current industry-specific technologies

add topic ICAPRG409A Develop mobile applications

add topic ICAPRG413A Use a library or pre-existing components

add topic ICAPRG418A Apply intermediate programming skills in another language

add topic ICAPRG425A Use structured query language

add topic ICAPRG527A Apply intermediate object-oriented language skills

add topic ICASAS504A Develop and conduct client acceptance test

add topic ICAWEB429A Create a markup language document to specification

add topic ICAWEB501A Build a dynamic website

add topic ICAWEB516A Research and apply emerging web technology trends


    Pathways into the qualification

    Preferred pathways for candidates considering this qualification include:

    after achieving ICA40811 Certificate IV in Digital Media Technologies, or other relevant qualifications or units equivalent to the core of ICA40811.


    with demonstrated vocational experience in a range of work environments, such as digital media, games development, animation, graphics design or similar roles.

    Pathways from the qualification

    ICA60111 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology or other ICA11 Advanced Diploma or Vocational Graduate qualifications.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.

Licensing Information

There is no link between this qualification and licensing, legislative or regulatory requirements. However users should confirm requirements with the relevant federal, state or territory authority. There may be some alignment with industry standard certification competencies.

Employability Skills

The following table contains a summary of the employability skills required by industry for this qualification. The employability skills facets described here are broad industry requirements that may vary depending on qualification packaging options.

Employability skill

Industry/enterprise requirements for this qualification


communicating concepts and solutions for complex issues to colleagues and clients

using plain English, literacy and communication skills in relation to analysis, evaluation and presentation of information

researching emerging digital media technology trends

generating and presenting ideas and concepts

writing and presenting complex technical reports, with supporting documentation


briefing design team members and allocating work roles to facilitate the orderliness and timeliness of the design process

participating in teams concerned with planning and evaluating the production of digital media products

Initiative and enterprise

making adjustments or recommendations to enhance the design according to the brief and in consultation with the client

transferring and applying theoretical concepts and technical or creative skills to a range of situations

Planning and organising

designing the production cycle and project plan for a digital media product

using project planning skills in relation to scope, time, cost, quality, communications and risk management


ensuring projects meet client specifications

resolving technical problems by re-designing or amending the brief in consultation with the client


taking personal responsibility and autonomy in performing complex technical operations or organising others


investigating and becoming conversant with current privacy legislation

providing learning and development opportunities for the project team


determining technology needs, including sourcing, purchasing, installing, configuring and testing digital media components of both software and hardware