Diploma of Printing and Graphic Arts (Printing)

This qualification reflects the role of individuals who possess a sound theoretical knowledge base and use a range of specialised, technical or managerial competencies to plan, carry out and evaluate own work and/or that of a team. They prepare material, set up, monitor, run equipment and machinery and develop and apply production processes and procedures in the printing industry. Typically they provide leadership and guidance to others and have significant responsibility for the output of others.

Job Roles

Print machinist (technician)

Production controller


Total number of units = 20 units

4 core units plus

6 elective units from Group A plus

10 elective units from Group B or Group C.

Up to 2 elective units from Group A can be substituted with Group B or Group C elective units listed below.

7 elective units must be selected from the Group B or Group C elective units listed below.

At least 1 set of 2 units must be chosen from the Group B elective units.

Up to 3 elective units may be selected from the remaining elective units or from other qualifications at the same qualification level or one level higher in this Training Package or any other endorsed Training Package or accredited course.

Elective units must be relevant to the qualification level, job role, work outcome and industry requirements. Unit selection is by negotiation and mutual agreement between the employee, employer and the RTO and is based on enterprise and individual needs.

Core Units

add topic BSBSUS501A Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability

add topic ICPSU216C Inspect quality against required standards

add topic ICPSU260C Maintain a safe work environment

add topic ICPSU262C Communicate in the workplace

Group A Elective Units

add topic BSBMGT516C Facilitate continuous improvement

add topic BSBWOR501B Manage personal work priorities and professional development

add topic ICPSU351C Undertake basic production scheduling

add topic ICPSU458C Monitor production workflow

add topic ICPSU516C Set and apply quality standards

add topic ICPSU553C Prepare production costing estimates

add topic ICPSU583C Troubleshoot and optimise production processes

add topic ICPSU684C Determine and improve process capability

Group B Elective Units

Set 1

add topic ICPPR414C Produce specialist flexographic printed product and

add topic ICPPR513C Set up for specialist flexographic printing

Set 2

add topic ICPPR422C Produce specialist gravure printed product and

add topic ICPPR521C Set up for specialist gravure printing

Set 3

add topic ICPPR432C Produce specialist lithographic printed product and

add topic ICPPR531C Set up for specialist lithographic printing

Set 4

add topic ICPPR442C Produce specialist pad printed product and

add topic ICPPR541C Set up for specialist pad printing

Set 5

add topic ICPPR452C Produce specialist relief printed product and

add topic ICPPR551C Set up for specialist relief printing

Group C Elective Units

add topic BSBCUS501C Manage quality customer service

add topic BSBMGT608C Manage innovation and continuous improvement

add topic BSBMKG501B Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities

add topic BSBSMB402A Plan small business finances

add topic BSBSMB404A Undertake small business planning

add topic ICAWEB429A Create a markup language document to specification

add topic ICPCF381C Set up machine for complex laminating

add topic ICPCF382C Produce complex laminated product

add topic ICPPP284B Produce PDF files for online or screen display

add topic ICPPP334C Prepare an imposition format for printing processes

add topic ICPPP352C Output complex images

add topic ICPPP370C Make multiple image plates

add topic ICPPP385C Operate a database for digital printing

add topic ICPPP396A Generate high-end PDF files

add topic ICPPP397A Transfer digital files

add topic ICPPP452C Output complex images direct to plate or press

add topic ICPPP484C Set up and operate automated workflow

add topic ICPPR382C Produce and manage complex digital print

add topic ICPPR383C Prepare for personalised digital printing

add topic ICPPR384A Set up and produce basic digital print

add topic ICPPR471C Set up for complex coating

add topic ICPPR472C Produce complex coated product

add topic ICPPR484C Prepare for variable data printing

add topic ICPPR496A Set up and produce complex digital print

add topic MSACMC410A Lead change in a manufacturing environment

add topic MSACMT440A Lead 5S in a manufacturing environment

add topic MSAENV472B Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

add topic MSAPMSUP390A Use structured problem solving tools


    Pathways into the qualification

    Candidates may enter the qualification with limited or no vocational experience and without a relevant lower level qualification. However, the preferred pathway for candidates entering this qualification is:

    ICP40310 Certificate IV in Printing and Graphic Arts (Printing).

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.

Licensing Information

There is no direct link between this qualification and licensing, legislative and/or regulatory requirements. However, where required, a unit of competency will specify relevant licensing, legislative and/or regulatory requirements that impact on the unit.

Units in Qualification with Prerequisites

Code and title

Prerequisite units required

ICPSU458C Monitor production workflow

ICPSU216C Inspect quality against required standards

ICPPP396A Generate high-end PDF files

ICPPP284B Produce PDF files for online or screen display

ICPPP452C Output complex images direct to plate or press

ICPPP352C Output complex images

ICPPR496A Set up and produce complex digital print

ICPPR384A Set up and produce basic digital print

Employability Skills

The following table contains a summary of the Employability Skills required for this qualification. The Employability Skills facets described here are broad industry requirements that may vary depending on qualification packaging options.

Employability Skill

Industry/enterprise requirements for this qualification include:


liaising with stakeholders and other personnel about the causes of systemic variation

reading and interpreting job requirements from the production control system


maintaining the production sequence in association with others

Problem solving

determining possible methods for reworking unsatisfactory product

determining the criteria for product rejection in consultation with the operator and the client

Initiative and enterprise

being alert to potential problems and areas for improvement

Planning and organising

developing plans to improve process capability

setting up for specialised lithographic and flexographic printing


communicating in a logical and easily understood manner

following occupational health and safety (OHS) policies and procedures


providing information and training about OHS

recognising gaps in the competency of team members and developing improvement solutions


using printing equipment and experimenting with substrate and press settings