Total number of units = 16

8 core units plus

8 electives units

The elective units consist of:

1 elective unit from Group A Workplace elective units, plus

7 elective units from Group B General elective units with no more than 2 at AQF Level 3 or below.

A maximum of 2 units from the Group B general elective units may be substituted with units from any endorsed Training Package or accredited course at Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Level 4 or 5. One of the 2 Group B general electives units may be substituted with a Group A workplace elective unit where required by a specific job role.

Elective units must be relevant to the work environment and the qualification, maintain the integrity of the AQF alignment and contribute to a valid, industry-supported vocational outcome.

Units selected from other Training Packages or accredited courses must not duplicate units selected from or available within the ICT Information and Communications Technology Training Package.

Core Units

add topic ICTICT408 Create technical documentation

add topic ICTNPL409 Apply knowledge of regulation and legislation for the telecommunications industry

add topic ICTTEN426 Design network projects

add topic ICTTEN427 Conduct site surveys to identify carrier installation requirements

add topic ICTTEN428 Prepare design drawings and specifications for telecommunications installations

add topic ICTTEN429 Estimate and quote for carrier telecommunications equipment installations

add topic ICTWHS204 Follow work health and safety and environmental policies and procedures

add topic ICTWOR201 Work effectively in telecommunications technology

Elective Units

Group A - Workplace elective units

add topic BSBLDR402 Lead effective workplace relationships

add topic BSBMGT401 Show leadership in the workplace

add topic BSBSMB407 Manage a small team

add topic ICTICT401 Determine and confirm client business requirements

add topic ICTSMB401 Set up and operate a contractor business

add topic ICTSMB402 Operate a contractor business with employees

Group B General elective units

Network planning

add topic ICTNPL401 Apply business acumen to network planning

add topic ICTNPL402 Plan the deployment of access network architectures

add topic ICTNPL403 Evaluate the capability of access networks

add topic ICTNPL404 Evaluate the planning requirements for provisioning a telecommunications building facility

add topic ICTNPL405 Develop provisioning of telecommunications building works project

add topic ICTNPL406 Evaluate core network architectures

add topic ICTNPL407 Plan the deployment of core network

add topic ICTNPL408 Produce planning specifications for end-to-end service delivery

add topic ICTNPL410 Plan the telecommunications access network for an estate

add topic ICTNPL411 Apply compliance requirements to telecommunications work


add topic BSBDES401 Generate design solutions

add topic BSBDES402 Interpret and respond to a design brief

add topic BSBDES403 Develop and extend design skills and practice

add topic BSBDES501 Implement design solutions

add topic BSBDES502 Establish, negotiate and refine a design brief

Radio frequency networks

add topic ICTRFN401 Conduct radio frequency measurements

add topic ICTRFN402 Select an antenna system for radio communications

add topic ICTRFN404 Undertake radio communications signals monitoring

add topic ICTRFN406 Maintain hybrid fibre coaxial broadband cable network

add topic ICTRFN502 Test and measure cellular phone and network equipment performance

Optical networks

add topic ICTOPN401 Install and test a dense wavelength division multiplexing system

add topic ICTOPN403 Prepare activity plans and specifications for a fibre to the x installation

Project management

add topic ICTPMG402 Schedule installation of customer premises equipment

add topic ICTPMG403 Manage the delivery of network infrastructure

add topic ICTPMG503 Prepare a project brief


add topic BSBSUS401 Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

Workplace effectiveness

add topic ICTWOR401 Undertake a civil site survey

Telecommunications network engineering

add topic ICTTEN401 Identify requirements for customer telecommunications equipment

add topic ICTTEN402 Estimate and quote for customer telecommunications equipment installation add topic ICTTEN403 Assign a transmission path

add topic ICTTEN406 Effect changes to existing customer premises equipment systems and equipment

add topic ICTTEN407 Cut over customer premises equipment major upgrades

add topic ICTTEN416 Install, configure and test an internet protocol network

add topic ICTTEN417 Install, configure and test a router

add topic ICTTEN420 Design, install and configure an internetwork

add topic ICTTEN421 Apply advanced routing protocols to network design

add topic ICTTEN425 Design, install and configure a customer smart technology network

add topic ICTTEN430 Design infrastructure for telecommunications network installations

add topic ICTTEN431 Design dense wavelength digital multiplexing installations

ICT use

add topic ICTICT405 Develop detailed technical design


add topic CPCCOHS1001A Work safely in the construction industry

add topic ICTBWN304 Work safely with live fibre to test and commission a fibre to the x installation*

*Note the following prerequisite unit requirements:

Unit in this qualification

Prerequisite unit

add topic ICTBWN304 Work safely with live fibre to test and commission a fibre to the x installation

add topic ICTWHS204 Follow work health and safety and environmental policy and procedures

add topic ICTBWN305 Use optical and radio frequency measuring instruments

Entry Requirements