Total number of units = 12

5 core units plus

7 elective units

The elective units consist of:

up to 7 from the elective units listed below

up to 2 from elsewhere in ICT Information and Communications Technology Training Package at Diploma or Advanced Diploma level

up to 2 from any other Training Package or accredited course at Advanced Diploma level.

The elective units chosen must be relevant to the work outcome and meet local industry needs.

Core units

add topic ICTNWK502 Implement secure encryption technologies

add topic ICTNWK509 Design and implement a security perimeter for ICT networks

add topic ICTNWK601 Design and implement a security system

add topic ICTNWK602 Plan, configure and test advanced server based security

add topic ICTSUS601 Integrate sustainability in ICT planning and design projects

Elective units

add topic BSBPMG517 Manage project risk

add topic CPPSEC5003A Assess security risk management options

add topic CPPSEC5004A Prepare security risk management plan

add topic CPPSEC5005A Implement security risk management plan

add topic CPPSEC5006A Determine strategy for the implementation of biometric technology

add topic CPPSEC5007A Assess biometric system

add topic CPPSEC3009A Prepare and present evidence in court

add topic ICTICT609 Lead the evaluation and implementation of current industry specific technologies

add topic ICTNWK603 Plan, configure and test advanced internetwork routing solutions

add topic ICTNWK604 Plan and configure advanced internetwork switching solutions

add topic ICTNWK605 Design and configure secure integrated wireless systems

add topic ICTNWK606 Implement voice applications over secure wireless networks

add topic ICTNWK607 Design and implement wireless network security

add topic ICTNWK608 Configure network devices for a secure network infrastructure

add topic ICTNWK609 Configure and manage intrusion prevention system on network sensors

add topic ICTNWK610 Design and build integrated VoIP networks

add topic ICTNWK611 Configure call processing network elements for secure VoIP networks

add topic ICTNWK612 Plan and manage troubleshooting advanced integrated IP networks

add topic ICTNWK613 Develop plans to manage structured troubleshooting process of enterprise networks

add topic ICTNWK615 Design and configure desktop virtualisation

add topic ICTNWK616 Manage security, privacy and compliance of cloud service deployment

add topic ICTPMG804 Evaluate and use telecommunications management networks

add topic ICTPMG802 Manage a telecommunications project

add topic ICTSUS602 Establish a business case for sustainability and competitive advantage in ICT projects

add topic ICTSUS804 Use ICT to improve sustainability outcomes

add topic ICTSUS805 Manage improvements in ICT sustainability

add topic ICTTEN811 Evaluate and apply network security

Entry Requirements