Total number of units = 10

4 Core units plus

6 Elective units

The elective units consist of:

all 6 units may be selected from the electives units listed below, with a minimum of 2 electives at AQF Level 6

up to 2 elective units may be substituted with units of competency from any currently endorsed Training Package or accredited course at AQF Level 6 or above.

Elective units must be relevant to the work environment and the qualification, maintain the integrity of the AQF alignment and contribute to a valid, industry-supported vocational outcome.

Units selected from other Training Packages or accredited courses must not duplicate units selected from or are available within the ICT Information and Telecommunications Technology Training Package.

Core Units

add topic ICTPMG610 Develop a project management plan

add topic ICTPMG611 Prepare a detailed design brief

add topic ICTSUS601 Integrate sustainability in ICT planning and design projects

add topic ICTTEN611 Produce an ICT network architecture design

Elective Units

ICT use (IP networks)

add topic ICTNWK502 Implement secure encryption technologies

add topic ICTNWK503 Install and maintain valid authentication processes

add topic ICTNWK509 Design and implement a security perimeter for ICT networks

add topic ICTNWK517 Determine best-fit topology for a wide area network

add topic ICTNWK518 Design an enterprise wireless local area network

add topic ICTNWK520 Design ICT system security controls

add topic ICTSAS409 Manage risks involving ICT systems and technology

add topic ICTSAS505 Review and update disaster recovery and contingency plans

Network planning

add topic ICTNPL601 Plan the development and growth of the telecommunications network

add topic ICTNPL602 Forecast service demand

add topic ICTNPL603 Undertake network performance analysis


add topic BSBDES601 Manage design realisation

add topic BSBDES602 Research global design trends

Work health and safety

add topic BSBWHS501 Ensure a safe workplace

add topic BSBWHS504 Manage WHS risks

Optical networks

add topic ICTOPN601 Manage optical ethernet transmission

add topic ICTOPN602 Manage dense wavelength division multiplexing transmission system

add topic ICTOPN603 Design a dense wavelength division multiplexing system

add topic ICTOPN604 Analyse optical transmission systems

Radio frequency networks

add topic ICTRFN601 Monitor the capacity of and recommend changes to the cellular mobile network

add topic ICTRFN602 Produce and evaluate architecture designs for WiMAX networks


add topic ICTSUS602 Establish a business case for sustainability and competitive advantage in ICT projects

Telecommunications engineering networks

add topic ICTTEN601 Undertake qualification testing of new or enhanced equipment and systems

add topic ICTTEN602 Undertake system administration

add topic ICTTEN603 Undertake network traffic management

add topic ICTTEN604 Coordinate fault rectification and restoration of service following network outages

add topic ICTTEN605 Implement planned network changes with minimal impact to the customer

add topic ICTTEN606 Manage a common channel signalling network

add topic ICTTEN607 Analyse and organise repair of highly complex telecommunications network faults

add topic ICTTEN608 Verify new software and hardware releases

add topic ICTTEN609 Produce and evaluate architecture designs for convergent cellular mobile networks

Emerging technologies

add topic ICTTEN612 Design and manage internet protocol TV in a service provider network

IP networks

add topic ICTTEN610 Install and configure an IP-MPLS network with virtual private network tunnelling

Entry Requirements