Total number of units = 27 units

27 core units

add topic BSBWOR203

Work effectively with others

add topic MARA004

Manage vessel stability

add topic MARB007

Undertake basic maintenance of electrical systems

add topic MARB008

Carry out basic welding, brazing, cutting and machining operations on a coastal vessel

add topic MARB009

Manage refuelling

add topic MARB011

Undertake maintenance of 240 to 440 voltage alternating current electrical systems

add topic MARB012

Undertake maintenance of machinery, machinery systems and structural components

add topic MARC001

Complete engine room tasks

add topic MARC002

Maintain hull out of water

add topic MARC003

Operate and maintain extra low and low voltage electrical systems and equipment

add topic MARC004

Operate deck machinery

add topic MARC007

Operate marine internal combustion engines, and propulsion and auxiliary systems

add topic MARC008

Manage fuel systems

add topic MARC009

Operate and monitor marine internal combustion engines, propulsion plant and auxiliary systems

add topic MARC010

Operate electrical systems

add topic MARC013

Operate auxiliary machinery systems up to 1500 kW

add topic MARC015

Operate marine internal combustion engines and associated systems up to 1500 kW

add topic MARC016

Operate propulsion transmission systems up to 1500 kW

add topic MARC017

Operate 240 to 440 voltage alternating current electrical systems

add topic MARF001

Apply basic survival skills in the event of vessel abandonment

add topic MARF002

Follow procedures to minimise and fight fires on board a vessel

add topic MARF004

Meet work health and safety requirements

add topic MARF005

Survive at sea using survival craft

add topic MARG003

Manage an engine room and small engineering team

add topic MARJ001

Follow environmental work practices

add topic MARJ002

Monitor environmental management on a vessel

add topic MARL001

Carry out engineering calculations

Entry Requirements

Not applicable.