Total number of units = 25

25 core units

Core units

add topic HLTAID003

Provide first aid

add topic MARA005

Maintain vessel stability

add topic MARA010

Manage loading, unloading and stowage of cargo

add topic MARF003

Follow vessel security procedures

add topic MARF006

Observe personal safety and social responsibility

add topic MARF007

Operate survival craft and other lifesaving appliances

add topic MARF008

Prevent and fight fires on board a vessel

add topic MARF009

Survive at sea in the event of vessel abandonment

add topic MARF010

Work safely in confined spaces on a vessel

add topic MARF011

Manage firefighting and fire prevention activities on board a vessel

add topic MARF012

Control safe access to and on vessel

add topic MARF013

Provide medical first aid on board a vessel

add topic MARF014

Respond to emergencies

add topic MARF022

Apply maritime resource management principles

add topic MARG004

Provide leadership to crew

add topic MARH008

Plan and conduct a passage

add topic MARH009

Use an electronic chart display and information system to navigate safely

add topic MARH010

Use bridge equipment to determine vessel position

add topic MARJ003

Ensure compliance with environmental management legislation

add topic MARJ004

Inspect and report defects and damage to vessel

add topic MARK004

Perform basic vessel manoeuvres

add topic MARN005

Maintain seaworthiness of a vessel

add topic MARO002

Maintain a safe navigational watch

add topic MARO003

Transmit and receive information by the global maritime distress and safety system

add topic MARO004

Transmit and receive information by visual signalling

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.