11 units of competency are required for this qualification:

2 core units

9 elective units

Choose a minimum of 7 electives from the list below.

Choose 1 from Group A: WHS elective units

Choose 5 from Group B: Irrigation elective units

Choose no more than 1 from Group C: General elective units

Choose the remaining 2 electives from the list below or from elsewhere within this training package, or from another endorsed training package, or from an accredited course.

All elective units selected from outside this qualification must reflect the occupational and learning outcomes of this AQF qualification level. Seek further advice on selecting imported units of competency in the NWP Implementation Guide.

Elective units selected must not duplicate content already covered by other units in this qualification.

Core units

add topic NWPGEN004

Assess, implement and report environmental procedures

add topic NWPGEN012

Support the role and functions of the water industry

Group A: WHS elective units (choose 1)

add topic BSBWHS301

Maintain workplace safety

add topic BSBWHS302

Apply knowledge of WHS legislation in the workplace

add topic BSBWHS303

Participate in WHS hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control

add topic BSBWHS304

Participate effectively in WHS communication and consultation processes

Group B: Irrigation elective units (choose 5)

add topic NWPIRR001

Monitor and operate irrigation and domestic delivery systems

add topic NWPIRR003

Inspect and operate surface water systems

add topic NWPIRR011

Install devices for irrigation systems

add topic NWPIRR014

Install meters for rural water supplies

add topic NWPIRR022

Maintain meters for rural water supplies

add topic NWPIRR023

Detect and rectify faults with automated channel regulators

add topic NWPIRR024

Monitor and conduct maintenance on flow control and metering devices

add topic NWPIRR031

Monitor and control drainage operations

add topic NWPIRR032

Monitor and control rural water distribution operations

add topic NWPIRR042

Monitor and schedule water deliveries

add topic NWPIRR051

Provide and promote customer service

Group C: General elective units (choose no more than 1)

add topic NWPGEN011

Use maps, plans, drawings and specifications

add topic NWPGEN013

Apply principles of chemistry to water systems and processes

add topic NWPNET002

Prepare and restore work site

add topic NWPSOU001

Respond to blue-green algae outbreaks

add topic NWPSOU003

Identify and confirm blue-green algae outbreaks

add topic NWPSOU030

Inspect and report river performance

add topic NWPSOU051

Monitor and operate groundwater extraction

add topic NWPSOU052

Inspect and operate groundwater regulation

add topic NWPTRT001

Operate and control water treatment processes

add topic BSBCMM301

Process customer complaints

add topic BSBCUS301

Deliver and monitor a service to customers

add topic BSBFLM305

Support operational plan

add topic BSBFLM312

Contribute to team effectiveness

add topic BSBINM301

Organise workplace information

add topic BSBWOR301

Organise personal work priorities and development

add topic CPCPPS5024A

Conduct a water audit and identify water-saving initiatives

add topic MSS404061A

Facilitate the use of SCADA systems in a team or work area

add topic RIIWHS302D

Implement traffic management plan

add topic TLID2003A

Handle dangerous goods/hazardous substances