9 units of competency are required for this qualification:

2 core units

7 elective units


The candidate may complete either the general qualification or specialise in hydrography, irrigation or trade waste by selecting elective units as specified in the table below.

All elective units selected from outside this qualification must reflect the occupational and learning outcomes of this AQF qualification level. Seek further advice on selecting imported units of competency in the NWP Implementation Guide.

Where a prerequisite unit is attached to an elective unit it is identified by this symbol .

The prerequisite units attached to any of the elective units must be undertaken and are additional to the number of elective units required for the qualification.

Elective units selected must not duplicate content already covered by other units in this qualification.

Core units

add topic NWPGEN002

Ensure compliance with water industry guidelines, standards and legislation

add topic NWPGEN006

Implement and manage environmental management policies, plans, procedures and programs

Group A: Work health safety

add topic BSBWHS501

Ensure a safe workplace

add topic BSBWHS502

Manage effective WHS consultation and participation processes

add topic BSBWHS503

Contribute to the systematic management of WHS risk

add topic BSBWHS504

Manage WHS hazards and risks

add topic BSBWHS505

Investigate WHS incidents

Group B: Hydrography

add topic NWPHYD001

Apply principles of open channel hydraulics

add topic NWPHYD011

Measure and process low and medium flows using area velocity methods

add topic NWPHYD015

Undertake surveying of monitoring sites

add topic NWPHYD016

Process and report hydrometric time series data

add topic NWPHYD017

Develop and maintain ratings

add topic NWPHYD018

Plan water resource management

add topic MSL976003A

Evaluate and select appropriate test methods and/or procedures

Group C: Irrigation

add topic NWPIRR061

Develop and review groundwater management plan

add topic NWPIRR062

Develop and review irrigation system management plan

add topic NWPIRR063

Develop and review surface water management plan

add topic NWPIRR071

Implement and coordinate irrigation delivery systems

add topic NWPIRR072

Implement and coordinate surface water management plan

add topic NWPIRR073

Implement and coordinate catchment management plan

add topic NWPIRR074

Implement and coordinate groundwater management plan

Group D: Trade waste

add topic NWPTRD002

Evaluate, implement and monitor high risk trade waste discharge approvals

add topic NWPTRD021

Implement and manage trade waste policies and plans

add topic NWPTRD022

Develop and modify trade waste policies and plans

add topic NWPTRD024

Establish connections of water and wastewater systems

add topic NWPGEN014

Sampling and testing trade wastewater

add topic AHCLPW306A

Undertake sampling and testing of water

Group E: Networks and Source

add topic NWPNET033

Coordinate and monitor water asset construction

add topic NWPNET034

Conduct commissioning and post-commissioning activities

add topic NWPSOU028

Prepare and report on data related to flood operations

Group F: Treatment

add topic NWPTRT011

Assess and improve chemical dosing process

add topic NWPTRT085

Assess and improve wastewater processes to control microbial impacts

Group G: General elective units

add topic BSBFIM501

Manage budgets and financial plans

add topic BSBLED401

Develop teams and individuals

add topic BSBMGT502

Manage people performance

add topic BSBMGT516

Facilitate continuous improvement

add topic BSBMGT517

Manage operational plan

add topic BSBPMG522

Undertake project work

add topic BSBSMB407

Manage a small team

add topic BSBWRT401

Write complex documents

add topic CHCCOM003

Develop workplace communication strategies

add topic CHCORG627B

Provide mentoring support to colleagues

add topic CPPSIS4022A

Store and retrieve spatial data

add topic CPPSIS5032A

Capture new spatial data

add topic CPPSIS5040A

Collate and interpret spatial data

add topic FSKNUM27

Collect, organise and interpret statistical data for work

add topic LGAWORK501A

Prepare preliminary design for operational works

add topic LGAWORK502A

Prepare detailed works project documentation

add topic LGAWORK503A

Undertake project investigation

add topic MEM30001A

Use computer aided drafting systems to produce basic engineering drawings

add topic MEM16006A Organise and communicate information

add topic MEM16008A Interact with computing technology

add topic MSL936002A

Conduct an internal audit of the quality system

add topic PMAOMIR512B

Establish incident response preparedness and response systems

add topic PSPPROC506A

Plan to manage contract

add topic TAEASS301B

Contribute to assessment

add topic TAEDEL402A

Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace

add topic TAEDEL404A

Mentor in the workplace