10 units of competency are required for this qualification:

8 core units

2 elective units


The candidate is required to choose either the operative or controller specialisation:

2 elective units from Group A for an operative specialisation

2 elective units from Group B for a controller specialisation

Core units

add topic POLCOV014

Communicate in a covert environment

add topic POLCOV015

Manage stress in a covert environment

add topic POLCOV030

Develop cover stories

add topic POLCOV031

Perform undercover negotiations

add topic POLCOV032

Use undercover policing technical and specialised equipment

add topic POLCOV033

Manage human sources within undercover operations

add topic POLCOV034

Deal in a commodity

add topic POLGEN012

Manage risk within a policing context

Group A: operative specialisation

add topic POLCOV035

Prepare and present evidence

add topic POLCOV036

Prepare reports relating to undercover operations

Group B: controller specialisation

add topic POLCOV037

Plan an undercover operation

add topic POLCOV038

Supervise undercover operatives