Certificate II in Asset Maintenance (Waste Management)

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To achieve Certificate II, the candidate for recognition must have demonstrated competency against all 6 specified core units and 5 elective units.

Of the elective units:

a minimum of 2 must be from Elective list A: Waste-specific units

a maximum of 2 elective units may be chosen from any other approved Training Package, at level or above, as long as they contribute to a valid, industry supported vocational outcome and are not the same or similar to any of the units listed in either Elective list A: Waste-specific units or Elective list B: Non-specific industry-related units

the remaining elective units may be chosen from Elective list A: Waste-specific units and Elective list B: Non-specific industry-related units.

Core units

add topic BSBSUS201A

Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

add topic PRMCMN201A

Participate in workplace safety arrangements

add topic PRMCMN202A

Provide effective client service

add topic PRMWM11B

Respond to waste emergency

add topic PRMWM44B

Identify wastes and hazards

add topic PRMWM101A

Prepare for work in the waste management industry

Elective list A: Waste-specific units

add topic PRMWM02B

Carry out waste audit

add topic PRMWM05B

Identify and segregate waste

add topic PRMWM06B

Organise waste recovery

add topic PRMWM13B

Receive waste

add topic PRMWM14B

Manually sort waste

add topic PRMWM15B

Move waste using load shifting equipment

add topic PRMWM16B

Operate waste processing plant

add topic PRMWM17B

Store waste

add topic PRMWM18B

Dispatch processed waste

add topic PRMWM19B

Prepare waste for re-use

add topic PRMWM20B

Place and compact waste

add topic PRMWM21B

Cover waste

add topic PRMWM23B

Maintain disposal site

add topic PRMWM38B

Process waste

add topic PRMWM42B

Follow relevant environmental policies and procedures when transporting waste

add topic PRMWM51B

Dispose of waste water to sewer

add topic PRMWM63A

Apply safe operational practices to vehicle contact with overhead wires

add topic RTE2506A

Assess and receive raw materials for composting

add topic RTE2507A

Recognise raw materials, production processes and products on a composting site

Elective list B: Non-specific industry-related units

add topic BCCCM2002B

Use small plant and equipment

add topic BSBITU201A

Produce simple word processed documents

add topic BSBITU202A

Create and use spreadsheets

add topic BSBWOR203A

Work effectively with others

add topic HLTFA301B

Apply first aid

add topic PRMWM34B

Maintain an equipment and consumables storage area

add topic PRMWM37B

Conduct minor maintenance and repairs on waste processing plant/equipment

add topic TLIB307C

Carry out vehicle servicing and maintenance

add topic TLIB407C

Carry out vehicle inspection

add topic TLIC107C

Drive vehicle

add topic TLIC207C

Drive light rigid vehicle

add topic TLIC307C

Drive medium rigid vehicle

add topic TLID307D

Handle dangerous goods/hazardous substances

add topic TLID407C

Load and unload goods/cargo

add topic TLID1607C

Load and unload explosives and dangerous goods

add topic TLID2107C

Use specialised bulk transfer equipment (dry)

add topic TLIE707B

Use communication systems


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Entry Requirements

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Licensing Information

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Employability Skills

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