Certificate IV in Government (Road Transport Compliance)

Qualification Descriptor

This specialist qualification covers the competencies required of national road transport inspectors. Electives should reflect the responsibilities of the individual and the job skills required for effective performance. Where a free choice of electives is possible in the qualification packaging rules, electives may also be drawn from other Training Packages to reflect the work context and career plans of the individual.


Packaging Rules

This qualification requires 15 units of competency consisting of:

12 core units

3 elective units

Choose 3 elective units from the list below

1 unit from Group A,

2 units from Group B.


Core Units

add topic PSPETHC401A

Uphold and support the values and principles of public service

add topic PSPGOV402B

Deliver and monitor service to clients

add topic PSPGOV408A

Value diversity

add topic PSPGOV412A

Use advanced workplace communication strategies

add topic PSPGOV417A

Identify and treat risks

add topic PSPGOV422A

Apply government processes

add topic PSPLEGN401A

Encourage compliance with legislation in the public sector

add topic PSPREG401C

Exercise regulatory powers

add topic PSPREG405B

Act on non-compliance

add topic PSPTRAN401A

Inspect vehicles

add topic PSPTRAN402A

Assess driver compliance

add topic PSPTRAN403A

Assess vehicle compliance

Group A Elective units

add topic PSPOHS301A

Contribute to workplace safety

add topic PSPOHS401B

Implement workplace safety procedures and programs (supervisory staff)

Group B Elective Units

add topic PSPTRAN404A

Conduct detailed vehicle examination

add topic PSPTRAN501A

Provide specialist vehicle technical advice

add topic PSPCRT406C

Compile and use official notes

add topic PSPREG402C

Promote client compliance

add topic PSPREG404C

Investigate non-compliance

add topic PSPREG407B

Produce formal record of interview

add topic PSPREG408C

Conduct search and seizure

add topic PSPREG409B

Prepare a brief of evidence

add topic PSPREG410B

Give evidence

add topic PSPREG411A

Gather information through interviews

add topic PSPREG412A

Gather and manage evidence

add topic PSPREG415A

Receive and validate data

add topic PSPREG416A

Conduct data analysis

add topic PSPREG417A

Undertake compliance audits

add topic PSPREG418A

Advise on progress of investigations

add topic PSPREG419A

Finalise and report on investigations

add topic PSPREG501B

Conduct prosecutions


    Not applicable.

Entry Requirements

Not applicable.

Licensing Information

Not applicable.

Employability Skills

Not applicable.