Certificate IV in Government (Procurement and Contracting)

This specialist qualification covers the competencies required of personnel responsible for the procurement of goods or services. Electives should reflect the responsibilities of the individual and the job skills required for effective performance.


15 units of competency are required for this qualification:

9 core units

6 elective units

Choose 6 electives from the list below:

at least 1 unit from Group A

the remaining elective units:

from Groups A and Group B

from Certificate IV or Diploma level, or from elsewhere within this Training Package, or another endorsed Training Package or Accredited Course

**add topic PSPPROC406B Procure Goods and Services is excluded from this qualification and may not be selected.

**For this qualification, a maximum of 1 unit from a CertificateIII level may be used.

For individuals working in local government, consideration should be given to selecting elective units from the Local Government Training Package.

Core units

add topic PSPETHC401A

Uphold and support the values and principles of public service

add topic PSPGOV417A

Identify and treat risks

add topic PSPGOV421A

Exercise delegations

add topic PSPGOV422A

Apply government processes

add topic PSPLEGN401A

Encourage compliance with legislation in the public sector

add topic PSPPROC411A

Plan procurement

add topic PSPPROC412A

Develop and distribute requests for offers

add topic PSPPROC413A

Select providers and develop contracts

add topic PSPPROC414A

Manage contracts

Elective units

Group A Elective Units (Research and analysis)

add topic PSPGOV406B

Gather and analyse information

add topic BSBMKG408B

Conduct market research

Group B Elective Units (General)

add topic PSPFIN401A

Use public sector financial processes

add topic PSPGOV403B

Use resources to achieve work unit goals

add topic PSPGOV412A

Use advanced workplace communication strategies

add topic PSPGOV418A

Develop internal and external networks

add topic PSPPM405A

Administer simple projects

add topic PSPPOL404A

Support policy implementation

add topic PSPPOL401A

Contribute to policy development

add topic PSPPROC405C

Dispose of assets


    Not applicable.

Entry Requirements

Not applicable.

Licensing Information

Not applicable.

Employability Skills

Not applicable.