Diploma of Government (Workplace Relations)

This qualification supports senior staff in a workplace relations environment. The candidate may:

provide information and advice of a complex nature regarding workplace relations queries

supervise and support front line workplace relations staff

conduct investigations into potential workplace relations breaches

The candidate may work in a department, organisation, division or business unit that provides specialist workplace relations services to employers, employees, union officials, industry bodies or other agencies. The qualification is also applicable for candidates who are working in a broader human resource management area and seeking to pursue a career path in workplace relations within government.


11 units of competency are required for this qualification including:

5 core units

6 elective units:

Choose a minimum of 3 units from Group A

Choose up to 3 elective units from Group A and Group B units below, or from elsewhere within this Training Package, or another endorsed Training Package or Accredited Course.

Units selected should not duplicate content already covered by other units in this qualification.

All elective units must be selected from an equivalent qualification level or higher, unless otherwise stated.

** For this qualification, a maximum of 1 unit from Certificate IV level may be used.

Core units

add topic PSPETHC501B

Promote the values and ethos of public service

add topic PSPGOV504B

Undertake research and analysis

add topic PSPGOV512A

Use complex workplace communication strategies

add topic PSPLEGN501B

Promote compliance with legislation in the public sector

add topic PSPOHS401B

Implement workplace safety procedures and programs

Group A: Workplace Relations

add topic PSPGOV508A

Manage conflict

add topic PSPGOV511A

Provide leadership

add topic PSPWPI503C

Investigate possible breaches of workplace legislation

add topic PSPWPR501A

Provide advice on complex workplace relations issues

add topic PSPWPR502A

Manage compliance with workplace relations legislation

add topic PSPWPR503A

Apply workplace relations dispute resolution procedures

add topic PSPWPR504A

Support resolution of complaints relating to workplace relations processes or outcomes

Group B: General

add topic PSPGOV503B

Coordinate resource allocation and usage

add topic PSPGOV505A

Promote diversity

add topic PSPGOV506A

Support workplace coaching and mentoring

add topic PSPGOV507A

Undertake negotiations

add topic PSPGOV509A

Conduct evaluations

add topic PSPGOV510A

Undertake and promote career management

add topic PSPGOV513A

Refine complex workplace documents

add topic PSPGOV514A

Facilitate change

add topic PSPGOV515A

Develop and use political nous

add topic PSPGOV516A

Develop and use emotional intelligence

add topic PSPGOV517A

Coordinate risk management

add topic PSPGOV518A

Benchmark performance

add topic PSPGOV519A

Manage performance

add topic PSPGOV520A

Scope statistical data collection

add topic PSPGOV521A

Collect statistical data

add topic PSPGOV522A

Process statistical data

add topic PSPGOV523A

Interrogate and analyse statistical data

add topic PSPGOV524A

Interpret data and related statistics

add topic PSPREG503A

Supervise and carry out complex inspections and monitoring


    Not applicable.

Entry Requirements

Not applicable.

Licensing Information

Not applicable.

Employability Skills

Not applicable.